Monday, August 6, 2018

Martin Armstrong — Why Has the Magnitsky Film Been Banned in USA & Europe?

Inquiring minds want to know. Martin Armstrong zeros in. This is not about Magnitksy's death, which even his family agrees was not the result of the Russian government, or even Bill Browder's machinations. It's too pervasive not to be state sponsored. Armstrong suggests why. It's quite possible that Vladimir Putin explained this to Donald Trump privately, but the president is too boxed in to use the information publicly. High intrigue, indeed, and at the state level, if Armstrong is even remotely in the ball park.

Armstrong Economics
Why Has the Magnitsky Film Been Banned in USA & Europe?
Martin Armstrong

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In my view, MA is biased against the left as while, to which he attributes the "sins" of socialism, and he tends to accentuate what confirms his view. Conversely, he tends to overlook the "sins" of the right in the direction of fascism. At the same time, he makes many relevant points and is often in a position to report from the inside, for example, in the Magnitsky affair, having been an investor in Hermitage Capital.

I definitely agree that Donald Trump is a symptom rather than a cause and that is social and political dynamic, exacerbated by economic inequality, has a way to run. It is becoming not only increasingly divisive but also alarmingly so.

What Comes After Trump Will Be a Major Political Confrontation that May Lead to Civil War


Konrad said...

“I have stated before, ALL revolutions come from the left. “ ~ Armstrong

Nonsense. Right-wing revolutions are routine. Libya was socialist until NATO destroyed it. Chile’s government was socialist until the USA destroyed it and installed an extreme right-wing neoliberal dictator (Pinochet). I can think of numerous other examples, but Armstrong’s assertion is too stupid to waste time on. He can claim that these revolutions are not “revolutions,” but that is mere semantics.

“Leftists somehow hate people who have more than they do and they use that hatred to justify killing and robbing them.” ~ Armstrong

More nonsense. Leftists don’t like being indebted, impoverished, enslaved, exploited, and even exterminated.

“The core of conservatives is really the opposite. They just want to be left alone and everyone should be entitled to pursue their own happiness.”

Still more nonsense. Right-wing neoliberals want to be free to own everything and everyone.

“The hatred from the left just keeps building. I fear we are indeed headed into a civil war and the next presidential election may be that spark.”

Leftist victims of Trump derangement syndrome seethe with hate, but so do right-wingers. ALL of them (left and right) love war and neoliberalism. Leftists support neoliberalism, since they would rather spend their time hunting for sexists, homophobes, anti-Semites, “toxic masculinity,” and so on than pursue equality for all. Extremist on the left and right are mirror images of each other. All are self-righteous fascists. Antifa, for example, is ultra-fascist.

Regarding civil war, you delude yourself that Trump supporters and Russia-gaters have any real power. Both are owned and controlled by rich oligarchs, who will not allow anything to interfere with their profits, their rent extraction, and their endless march toward debt enslavement.

“I really am concerned about what comes after Trump. The political establishment wants to take back control. They are against any outsider left or right. This may erupt into real violence in the streets for the next election.” ~ Armstrong

More delusion. The political establishment is owned by the rich and the bankers.

Armstrong, get a clue. Most people are just trying to get through each day. They don’t care about Trump or Russia-gate.

Nebris said...

@ Konrad 👍👍👍👍👍

Bob said...

Russia-gate freedom fighters can't be choosy. So what if Armstrong is a right-wing kook? So what if Bob Roddis likes him? Armstrong is taking down Bill Browder, and that's the only reason we're posting this here!

Bob said...

Here is Canada's version of the Magnitsky Act: Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act (Sergei Magnitsky Law)

Makes reference to events involving Russia as the inspiration, but doesn't target Russian foreign nationals.

Why should we oppose this law?

Konrad said...

My own comment above is illogical.

First I say that, “Leftists don’t like being indebted, impoverished, enslaved, exploited, and even exterminated. “

Then I say that, “Leftists support neoliberalism…”

This is a contradiction.

I meant to say that true progressives and egalitarians don’t like being indebted, impoverished, enslaved, and exploited.

Fake progressives include Russia-gaters and militant liberals who push political correctness. Fake progressives serve neoliberal oligarchs by keeping the peasants divided and bickering.

Corporate media outlets push fake progressivism, while they censor genuine progressivism. They push political correctness, while they treat all forms of socialism as evil.

Right wingers and fake progressives favor war, Israel, and the crucifixion of Julian Assange.

Armstrong, like all right-wingers, sees no difference between fake and genuine progressives.

Unknown said...

The Magitsky Act film can be viewed here.

Bob said...

Pseudo-leftists inadvertently support neoliberalism. It's a major criticism within progressive and Alt-left circles...