Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Martin Sieff — The Death of US and UK Neo-Colonialism

The colossal project to re-colonialize the world started with United States President Ronald Reagan eagerly backed by United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1981 and over the next 20 years seemed to sweep all before it.…
That would be neoliberalism, neo-imperialism and neocolonialism, and finally colonization of the domestic populations of the US and UK. The later was a fatal mistake, from which the Anglo-American Empire as the successor to the British Empire post WWII may never recover.

A new world is dawning and with it a new world order. No, not that New World Order of global government but rather multipolarism pitting the waning Global North and West against the waxing Global South and East in a struggle for power and control.

Strategic Culture Foundation
The Death of US and UK Neo-Colonialism
Martin Sieff
During his 24 years as a senior foreign correspondent for The Washington Times and United Press International, Martin Sieff reported from more than 70 nations and covered 12 wars. He has specialized in US and global economic issues.

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