Monday, August 6, 2018

Rostislav Ishchenko — It’s Time for the Putin Revolution

This is the best analysis of the political situation in Russia after Putin's recent election by an overwhelming margin that I have seen and I look at quite a bit on Russia. It's a big picture approach that looks at Russia's future based on the present state.

Most of the analysis in the Western media is so biased as to be nonsense. The best analysis in the West by professors like Stephen F. Cohen and Paul Robinson is good, but it takes a Russian on the ground there to do the nuance. Anatoly Karlin, who writes at The Unz Review, is also worthy of mention.

Ishcnenko's analysis is also relevant to the theory of democratic republic as a political concept and system.

While he doesn't mention it these terms, his analysis points to the decline of the relevance of the party system and the rising need for more participatory democracy, now made possible through electronic communications and digital technology.

Fort Russ
Ishchenko: It’s Time for the PUTIN REVOLUTION
Rostislav Ishchenko, translated by Jafe Arnold from Derzhava

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