Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Real News - Is Jeremy Corbyn's "anti-Semitism Crisis" a Smear Campaign?

There is no democracy in the US and there is no democracy in the UK either. British Labour Party members elected Corbyn fair and square, but factions of the Deep State - the Neocon-neoliberal  alliance - a money making racket tied to the military-industrial complex - are out to remove Jeremy Corbyn and deny the British electorate of a real choice. They want to get their guy in so to ensure it makes no difference whether you vote Conservative or labour.  Then Israel can carry its murderous illegal occupation with the wholesale slaughter of Palestinians, while the US war machine can carry on with its lucrative trade in mass death and terror.

Norman Finkelstein says that the same will happen to Bernie Sanders if he gains serious traction in the US 2020 presidential election. The ruling elite don't like what Corbyn stands for: he is against war; he doesn't like homelessness; he doesn't like people being hungry or cold; he believes workers should get a better deal and live in a more pleasant, fairer society. The elite don't like that.

UK Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn is accused of presiding over a surge of anti-Semitism inside the Labour Party. Author Norman Finkelstein and British scholar Jamie Stern-Weiner say that Corbyn's foes have cynically concocted a fake scandal to sabotage his progressive agenda and support for Palestinian rights


Konrad said...

From the video:

“Jeremy Corbyn has faced a consistent campaign of opposition from centrist members of his own party.”

“Centrist” means extreme right-wing neoliberal.

“New Democrats” in the USA and “New Labour” in the UK are ultra-right-wing neoliberals who serve bankers, Israel, military contractors, and Wall Street / City of London.

In many ways they are much farther to the right than are Republicans / Tories.

Regarding the “anti-Semite” smear campaign, this has strength because average Britons are terrified of displeasing their Jewish masters, and being called “anti-Semites.”

Britons dare not question the crimes of their beloved Jews.

Matt Franko said...

Same over here with ultra left Ocasio-Cortez she recently referred to Israel as occupiers.... caused a shit storm...

OTOH there definitely is an anti Israel bias existing in the left...

and ftm the right you see it in the alt-right they are trolling Jews all the time...

Bob said...

What if they called Corbyn a Nazi, would that help?

Desperate times call for desperate measures.