Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Real News - Why Are Liberal Media Outlets Not Questioning Russiagate? Q&A (Pt 4/5)

I thought this was an excellent analysis of the Ruissiagate myth.  Paul Jay describes how the Russians were once portrayed as evil, godless communists, but now they are capitalist the establishment stills portrays Russia as deadly evil. People were  programmed to hate Russia during the Cold War and this is still deep in American psyche (which was designed to also put people off communism)  and with all that momentum built up it is easy to still get people worked up and frightened about Russia. Paul Jay says that the reason for this is to drive more arms sales for the military-industrial complex. What an evil way to make money, and it's lazy?

I haven't seen the other parts but I think they will be very good. 


Noah Way said...

Because there are no liberal media outlets. Anything counter to official propaganda is squeezed out of existence.

Tom Hickey said...

A simple reason, probably too simplistic, but relevant is that Polish arch-Russophobe Zbigniew Brzezinski was the chief architect of "liberal" foreign policy and international relations, and his influence has not been replaced even after his passing. Ironically, his first name means "dispels anger" in the Polish language.

Moreover, the so-called left is not much interest in foreign affairs or foreign policy and certainly not geopolitics and geostrategy. They are Wilsonians that assume liberal internationalism and view liberal interventionism and R2P as national duty of the US because exceptionalism. So they are on board with Zionists running US foreign affairs because Israel is "the only democracy" in that part of the world.

That are as clueless about foreign affairs and IR as they are about econ and finance.

They are idealistic losers.

Kaivey said...

I was fourteen and at school they have us One Day in the Life of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Animal Farm to read and if worked, it out me off communism, but i realise now it was propaganda. But I also hated the British ruling class and the harm they had caused and i then discovered i was a socialist and that the British Labour Party was 'socialist'. When I went to work as an apprentice i was only marginally interested in the trade union movement, my concern was always the third world and imperialism. I hated the way poor countries were being exploited and I've been like that ever since.

I use to all ask myself, if a country has its own oil, why doesn't it use the wealth from the oil to tool up and produced products, like cars, to export to the West? I realize now how everything is rigged so that Wall Street and the City of London make all the wealth.