Monday, August 6, 2018

Tom Luongo — The Curious Case of Bill Browder

The plot thickens — and widens. Tom Luongo explains how Browder is just a symptom.

Interesting that people on the so-called right are on this, while people on the so-called left are gobbling blue pills.

Back in the Sixties and Seventies, it was folks on the left that were into these things. Now the situation is reversed. It's the Libertarian and Alt-Right that are on it.

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The Curious Case of Bill Browder
Tom Luongo


Noah Way said...

Interesting take on breaking NATO, not sure Trump is savvy enough to even imagine it. More likely an accidental byproduct of his nationalistic economic policies - NATO dues, trade tariffs, etc.

I won't attribute this to strategic thinking because I see no evidence that Trump has more than the most simplistic idea of that. This is the guy who wanted to delegate presidential responsibilities so he could play golf while making RE deals.

Bob said...

Don't you mean blue pills?

Tom Hickey said...

Don't you mean blue pills?

Oops. Thanks. Fixed it.