Sunday, December 2, 2018

Links — 2 Dec 2018

Sputnik International
German Police Shut Down Concert Due to Mass Nazi Salute

Moon of Alabama
What Poroshenko Gets Wrong - H.W. Bush And The Ukraine

Ukraine’s government divides country by declaring martial law, Putin says

Russian Defense Ministry: NATO deploys troops along Russian border under drills' guise
Tyler Durden
Megan Keller

US Gets China to Agree to What It Was Going to Do Anyway
Menzie Chin | Professor of Public Affairs and Economics, Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin, and Co-editor, Journal of International Money and Finance

The Hill
Trump, Russia and lessons from the mob: Did ‘godfathers’ steer collusion probe?
John Solomon | opinion contributor and executive vice president for video at The Hill

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Konrad said...

France in chaos; macron mulling state of emergency amid "yellow vest" protests; "all options" considered

Two items . . .

[1] “On Saturday riot police were overwhelmed as protesters embarked on their destructive crime spree.”

The “yellow vest” protests have peacefully shut down part of the French economy.

Whenever this happens, governments create a pretext for marshal law by paying black-clad, mask-wearing Antifa types to go on a vandalism spree, like the French government did yesterday (Sat. 1 Dec 2018).

Government-paid Antifa vandals are separate from the actual protesters. Their government-sponsored violence allows the government to declare the entire protest “violent” so the government can shut it all down.

[2] Macron has repeatedly imposed more and more taxes on fuel (but not on kerosene-based jet fuel, which creates the most pollution of all).

Macron’s fuel taxes will go up again in Jan 2019, and again in mid-2019, again in Jan 2020, and again in mid-2020.

Macron claims that these neoliberal attacks on consumers are necessary in order to raise revenue for “environmental measures.” And yet, according to Reuters, only 20% of the fuel tax revenue goes to environmental issues. The other 80% goes to the general fund.


The French government cannot create its spending money (euros) out of thin air. Since France has had a trade deficit for more than ten years, France must borrow its euros from bankers. Therefore the revenue from Macron’s repeated tax increases is used not for “environmental issues,” but to pay on debts to the bankers.

This is classic neoliberalism.