Monday, December 3, 2018

Links — 3 Dec 2018

Strategic Culture Foundation
The West Slips Down Another Step
Patrick Armstrong

The Nation
Stephen F. Cohen | Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies, History, and Politics at New York University and Princeton University

Sputnik International
Defamation Impossible: Hackers Leak More Details on UK's Info War in Europe

Dances with Bears
John Helmer

Defend Democracy Press (17 May 2017, reposted today)
Macron: a French (potential) Thatcher
Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Defend Democracy Press
Towards a pre-revolutionary situation in France
Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

Sputnik International
Marine Le Pen Offers Hardline Solution to France's 'Yellow Vest' Crisis

Fort Russ News
Poroshenko Accuses Russia of Planning Invasion Ukrainian Cities
Paul Antonopoulos

Sputnik International
Poroshenko's Allegation of Russian Plot to Seize Azov Ports 'Absurd' - Kremlin

Understanding Society
Is corruption a social thing?
Daniel Little | Chancellor of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Professor of Philosophy at UM-Dearborn and Professor of Sociology at UM-Ann Arbor

Project Syndicate
The Rise of the “Petroyuan”
John A. Mathews is a professor of management at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney and the author of Greening of Capitalism

Zero Hedge
Mueller Withheld "Details That Would Exonerate The President" Of Having Kremlin Backchannel
Tyler Durden

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Konrad said...

Macron: a French (potential) Thatcher
By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos

“Macron was elected by a minority of French voters in absolute terms and many who voted for him did not endorse his program, but wanted to block Le Pen.”

For the corporate media outlets, conservative populists are "far right Nazis." Progressive populists are "far left Communists." Neoliberal extremists are "moderates" and "centrists."

Macron is making the French masses pay for having believed this media crap.

” In Berlin signs of relief greeted the election of Macron in preference to Le Pen. They were soon followed by warnings both from Germany and from the Brussels Commission to the newly elected President not to expect relaxation of “fiscal discipline.”

“Fiscal discipline” means parasitism. Among the 19 nations of the euro-zone, Germany is a vampire that sucks euros from member states that have trade deficits like Greece, Cypress, Portugal, Finland and France.


Marine Le Pen Offers Hardline Solution to France's 'Yellow Vest' Crisis
~ Sputnik

France does not have a “yellow vest crisis.” France has a Macron crisis.

“Marine Le Pen, the leader of France's right-wing National Rally party, proposed to dissolve the lower chamber of the French Parliament and hold new parliamentary elections amid the ongoing massive protests against rising fuel prices.”

The U.S. House and Senate correspond to the French National Assembly and Senate, and to the UK House of Commons and House of Lords.

“Nearly 36,000 protesters, including some 5,500 in Paris alone, took to the streets on Saturday, angry over Macron's proposal to increase fuel tax rates.”

First of all, Macron has already imposed (not “proposed”) tax increases, with more and more tax increases to come.

Second, the French masses are protesting Macron’s entire neoliberal attack, not just Macron’s repeated tax increases on fuel.



“The protests began on November 17th, hundreds of thousands French citizens took to the streets all around the country, initially protesting sharp fuel hikes on fuel and diesel levied to reduce emissions and push people toward more environmentally friendly vehicles.”

Lies. Neoliberals like Macron do not care about the environment. If you want to wean the masses off fossil fuels, you must offer non-polluting alternatives such electric trains, buses, and cars. If you simply punish the masses with taxes, you will make people poorer, but you will not reduce pollution.

“Maron said he would ‘pursue with force’ his reforms ‘without giving up ambitions’ or ‘giving in to demagoguery’.”

For neoliberals, anyone who questions their evil is a “demagogue.”