Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Moon of Alabama — Syria - 'Activist' Posts Fake Picture - Fact Checkers Fall For It

More MSM fake (Photoshopped) news  exposed. If you are wondering whether The Guardian is also involved, the answer is yes.

Morons (anchor bias, confirmation bias) or complicit (propaganda).

Hey editors, unanalyzed pictures are no longer evidence. Save yourselves some embarrassment Oh, wait, you already knew that!

Moon of Alabama
Syria - 'Activist' Posts Fake Picture - Fact Checkers Fall For It

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With its strongly misleading report Reuters, or at least its correspondent in Geneva, is obviously supporting the neocon campaign that they hope will lead to war on Iran.
It is fakenews from one of the prime 'western' news agencies about Iran's declared intentions.
Reuters Creates Fakenews About Iran - Intentionally Conflates Two Different Missiles - Misquotes Official

Also from Moon of Alabama

The People Of France Reject Macron's Policies - How Long Can He Survive?


Konrad said...

The people of France reject Macron's policies - how long can he survive?

“The immediate reason for the protests are an increase of the fuel tax that President Marcron defends as a step to fight climate change.”

Macron is a liar. Climate change is real, but oligarchs now use terms like “national security” and “climate change” to justify neoliberalism.

For example, all public utilities must be privatized in order to fight “climate change.” Pensions must be cut in order to uphold “national security.”

”The fuel tax is only the last drop of a steady stream of price increases for the poor and middle class while their income stagnates. Meanwhile the rich are receiving one tax cut after the other.”

Macron’s fuel taxes are only one part of a sustained neoliberal attack on workers that includes “reform” (i.e. privatization) of the national health care system, and “reform” (i.e. cuts) of the pension system.

“The fuel price is important for anyone who needs to drive to work. Public transport may work well within the Paris ring-road but most people live beyond the view of the Elysées and do need a car.”

The most vigorous “yellow vest” protesters come from rural areas where there are no buses or trains.

“After seeing the same neoliberal policies executed under the presidencies of Sarkozy and Hollande, the French people despised both the conservative party as well as the 'socialists'. But they are still not ready to move to more radical parties on the right or left side.”

They prefer to remain slaves of neoliberal “moderates” and “centrists” who are the most radical of all.

“Macron resembles a modern Marie Antoinette: 'If they don't like my fuel taxes let them buy electric cars’.”

Again, Macron’s fuel taxes are only one part of the neoliberal attack. French workers cannot make ends meet. The cost of living continually rises, while workers’ incomes continually fall.

“On Saturday the police even deployed sniper teams on roofs.”

Tyrannical governments often have rooftop snipers fire on demonstrators in order to create a pretext for marshal law.

Today Prime Minister Eduard Philippe suspended Macron’s fuel tax increases for six months, in order to give the masses time to adjust to their new level of poverty.

More importantly, the six-month suspension extends beyond the next European Parliament elections (23 to 26 May 2019).

If the fuel taxes are in effect during the EU elections, the French masses might elect anti-neoliberals.

Noah Way said...

Welcome to the disinformation age.