Tuesday, December 4, 2018

RT - Spymania: Russian journalist garners a top level security alert in UK

A few days back all the British media was up in arms about a supposed Russian journalist who was said to be a spying on a British army faculty. He used his real name, his own passport, and his own car where the registration could be clearly seen. It was said that he tried to enter the base in broad daylight with a camera crew but was stopped by security guards. What sort of spy is that, but the British probably believed the stories?


A British Spy


Konrad said...

British corporate media outlets become more comical by the day. They see Russian spies everywhere.

There’s only one way to deal with this menace . . .

We must give more money to the military and the weapons makers, and take more money from the masses via austerity.

It's a matter of "national security."

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson wants the public to report any suspicious activity near British military installations. I told him I once saw a hedgehog near RAF Barnham in Suffolk. He said he would have the Guardian investigate.

The “Russian spies” were caught red-handed near Hermitage, Berkshire, where the 77th Brigade launches cyber-attacks on Internet networks, and replaces false propaganda with Guardian propaganda.

Konrad said...


Just after that RT video on YouTube, there was a different RT video featuring Rick Sanchez, who was fired from CNN.

On 30 Sep 2010 during a radio interview, Sanchez talked about John Stewart, former host of the Daily Show on Comedy Central. Host Pete Dominisck said that because John Stewart was Jewish, Stewart was part of an “oppressed minority group” in America.

Sanchez scoffed at this, saying…

“Oh yes, very powerless people. He’s such a minority. Everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow people in this country who are Jewish are an oppressed minority? Yeah right.”

As a result, CNN terminated Sanchez the next day (1 Nov 2010).

(I’m getting to the point.)

In the RT video I mentioned above, Sanchez discusses CNN’s recent termination of Lamont Hill for the crime of verbally supporting Palestinians. Sanchez notes that CNN commentators like Lou Dobbs routinely insult Blacks and Latinos, but are not terminated by CNN. These offenders cause numerous protests outside the Time-Warner building in New York, but CNN does not sack them.

Sanchez then notes that the Sinclair Broadcast Group owns 193 stations in the USA. Sinclair executives like Boris Epstein (Jewish) routinely order those 193 stations to air segments that call Latino immigrants “invaders.” Yet no one screams.

Here’s my point…

Blacks and Latinos in the USA are so busy trying to survive that they pay no attention to Israeli atrocities. Jews like it this way, and they don’t want any changes. When someone like Lamont Hill (Black) or Rick Sanchez (Cuban-American) gains a large fan-base, and says something that Jews don’t like, Jews fear that Blacks and Latinos will start noticing Israeli crimes.

If Whites, Blacks, and Latinos stop fighting with each other, and start supporting Palestinians, then Jews could lose control of America’s national narrative.

This is why people like Lamont Hill and Rick Sanchez must be immediately terminated and silenced. If they are allowed to continue speaking, then “Black lives matter” could become, “Black, Latino, and Palestinian lives matter.”

Rick Sanchez on RT…


Konrad said...


Diana Johnstone (no relation to Caitlin Johnstone) explains what’s behind the “yellow vest” protests in France.

Johnstone explains that Macron’s repeated increases in fuel taxes are only one part of a sustained neoliberal attack on French workers.

For example, financial oligarchs are steadily privatizing France’s national health care system by having their puppet presidents (like Macron) steadily reduce the types of illnesses and medications covered by the national system, while the puppets steadily increase their support for private insurance plans called mutuelles. This is one reason among many for the “yellow vest” protests.

Another part of the privatization campaign is the deliberate degradation of care in the public hospitals. There are fewer and fewer hospitals in rural areas. Nurses are overworked and underpaid. As always, the neoliberal goal is to make the peasants beg for relief, even if it means mass privatization.

Regarding the ever-increasing fuel taxes, average people would not scream if they felt they got something in return for the taxes. But they get nothing. Meanwhile rich people and big corporations pay no taxes. Foreign intruders like Amazon and Google pay no taxes.

To reduce pollution, the French government encouraged everyone to buy cars that run on diesel. Now the French government imposes higher taxes on diesel fuel than on gasoline.

Macron falsely claims that his taxes are to fight “climate changes. But, as I noted in previous comments, Macron’s fuel taxes are not “green taxes.” The tax revenue is used to pay bankers who hold France’s national debt.

The “yellow vest” protesters are aware of all this. When Macron falsely claims that his tax increases are to “fight global warming,” protesters say they are more worried about the end of the month than the end of the word.

Macron’s “green” economy includes shutting down France’s many nuclear power plants, which will eliminate electricity for electric cars.

In rural areas, more and more post offices, schools and hospitals are being shut down. Unprofitable train service is discontinued as “free market” measures are introduced to comply with European Union dictates. These neoliberal measures force people to drive their cars more than ever.

There is much more in Diana Johnstone’s article. I recommend it…


Kaivey said...

The Unz Review is getting good. It even has Jimmy Dore videos now.

I watched the Rick Sanchez RT video.