Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Andy Rowell - Within Hours of Taking Office, “Trump of the Tropics” Starts Assault on the Amazon

What the hell is going on, these guys can't be sane! Criminals have been voted in yet again, but how do they manage it? Who would vote for this?

You would think the good guys - that's us in the West - would stop going on about how bad Venezuela is for a while and do something about these guys, but nope, there won't be a whisper.

As I go about the internet there are loads of outraged right-wingers who bash Venezuela saying that socialism has failed. But what get's me is when they pretend to care about the ordinary guy. When I post this under their comments tomorrow, I bet they ignore it or call me a commie.

Within hours of taking office, the Trump of the Tropics, aka the new President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, launched an all-out assault against the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous communities yesterday, potentially paving the way for large scale deforestion by agricultural, mining and oil companies.

Startling many commentators by the speed of his action after his inauguration, Bolsonaro signed an executive order or decree, which immediately shifted responsibility for indigenous land demarcation from FUNAI, the Brazilian government’s Indigenous Affairs office, to the pro-agribusiness Ministry of Agriculture.

More worryingly, it could eventually pave the way for the dismantling of the indigenous reserve system, which would allow mining and oil interests to move in unchallenged.

Indigenous communities were rightly outraged at the move. Sônia Gujajajara, president of the Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), one of Brazil’s leading indigenous groups, tweeted: “The unravelling has begun … Does anyone still doubt that he [Bolsonaro] will carry out his electoral promises to exclude us [indigenous people from our constitutional rights]?”

Another indigenous leader, speaking with NGO Survival International, asked: “Is this President Jair Bolsonaro a real human being? I think not. The first thing he’s done is to mess with indigenous rights. I ask: who were the first inhabitants of this country?”

Dinaman Tuxá, the executive coordinator of the Articulation of Indigenous People of Brazil (Apib) added: “There will be an increase in deforestation and violence against indigenous people. Indigenous people are defenders and protectors of the environment. We will go through another colonisation process, this is what they want.”

We need to call out the threat to Brazil’s indigenous community for what it is: genocide.
As Fiona Watson, from Survival International states: “Indigenous peoples are frequently regarded as obstacles to the advance of agribusiness, extractive industries, roads and dams. As more rainforest is invaded and destroyed in the name of economic ‘progress’ and personal profit, uncontacted tribes become targets – massacred over resources because greedy outsiders know they can literally get away with murder. These are silent, invisible genocides, with few if any witnesses.”

We must all bear witness to what is happening in the Amazon. For the sake of its people, for the sake of the forest as well as for the sake of the climate.

According to the Mongabay website “The potentially resulting wholesale deforestation could be a disaster to indigenous peoples, biodiversity, and even the regional and global climate.”
It adds: “Bolsonaro’s proposed Amazon policies, if carried out, could ultimately help dash the world’s hopes of achieving the global climate goals agreed to in Paris, a failure that could lead to climate chaos.”

Leading Brazilian researchers, from the National Institute of Space Research (INPE), have calculatedthat Bolsonaro’s policies could triple deforestation in the Amazon from present levels of 6,900 square kilometers (2,664 square miles) annually, to 25,600 square kilometres (9,884 square miles) per year by 2020.

And if that happens, the so-called lungs of the world, will collapse. And that will affect us all.

Oil Change International

Andy Rowell - Within Hours of Taking Office, “Trump of the Tropics” Starts Assault on the Amazon


Konrad said...

“Within hours of taking office, the new President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, launched an all-out assault against the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous communities yesterday, potentially paving the way for large scale deforestation by agricultural, mining and oil companies.”

Bolsonaro didn’t do this. He is a mere puppet. The real power is Paulo Guedes, who is neoliberalism incarnate. As Brazilian Minister of the Economy, Guedes is in charge of the treasury, the national budget, economics planning, industry, commerce, taxation – everything.

In 1974 Mr. Guedes attended the University of Chicago where he was taught by the notorious Milton Friedman. Then Guedes became a neoliberal professor at the University of Chile during the US-installed military dictatorship (1973-1990). In Chile, Guedes oversaw the privatization of just about everything. Now he is doing the same to Brazil. Guedes is also cutting taxes for the rich, and increasing taxes for the rest.

The money powers promised to make Bolsonaro president if Bolsanaro would let them install Guedes as supreme ruler. Bolsanaro agreed.

Calling Bolsonaro the “Trump of the tropics” suggests that he is a neoliberal. In reality he is an anti-neoliberal, but he has no power. He just follows orders. Now, as Guedes destroys Brazil, everyone will blame Bolsonaro. There will be Bolsonaro Derangement Syndrome.

I have explained all this and more in previous comments. People who are surprised by these developments have not been paying attention.

Konrad said...

Incidentally Paulo Guedes is now 69.

I sometimes marvel at how some people make no spiritual progress their entire lives, and remain total a**holes until the moment they die.

Konrad said...

Tomorrow (10 Jan 2019) President Maduro will begin his second six-year term.

Washington is furious.

Brazil's new president, Bolsonaro, constantly praises the Brazilian dictatorship of 1964-85, in which hundreds of people were tortured and were "disappeared."

Meanwhile Bolsonaro condemns Venezuela's "dictatorship."