Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Bolton ignores Trump at Israel’s request

Trump is not allowed to pull U.S. troops out of Syria. Who says so? Benjamin Netanyahu and John Bolton say so.

Try this: If they and in more troops now, then they can bring them home sooner.


Konrad said...

Trump’s fans and enemies only care about Trump’s border wall. None care that the White House is subordinate to Bolton and Israel.

Meanwhile the USA will never give up its plan to steal a third of Syria in order to create a new nation called Rojava (aka Israel 2.0). Bolton has reassured his Jewish masters that the USA will stay in Syria as long as Syria contains US-backed terrorists (i.e. ISIS™).

Incidentally, Israel has ordered Bolton to recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel. Israel stole the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 war of Israeli aggression, and annexed the area in 1981, but the international community has not recognized the takeover.

Also, the U.S. Congress is preparing to pass yet another bill to outlaw the boycotting of Israel (the Combating BDS Act).

In other news, in Oct 2018 the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI) in Alabama awarded its prestigious Fred Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award to civil rights activist Angela Davis. This infuriated the Zionists, since Ms. Davis questions Israeli atrocities.

Therefore the Zionists ordered the BCRI to apologize to Israel, and to rescind the award.

The BCRI immediately obeyed.

Ms. Davis was to be presented with the award at a February gala, which was canceled on Zionist orders.

Elwood Anderson said...

I believe that should be "John" Bolton

Kaivey said...

Thank you, Elwood.

Noah Way said...

Obama gave the military a command that was ignored, and there were no consequences.

This has become the de-facto standard and exposes the US as nothing more than a military junta. Elections and politicians are just for show.

Konrad said...

"The US is nothing more than a military junta. Elections and politicians are just for show."

Exactly. The U.S. president is "supreme commander" of nothing.

Konrad said...

Today Bolton summoned Turkish President Erdogan to come and receive Bolton’s orders.

Erdogan refused, saying he does not waste time with underlings.

Trump had told Erdogan that the US would withdraw from Syria within 120 days.

Bolton assured Netanyahu that the US will stay in Syria indefinitely.

Trump could fire Bolton, but Trump may not have the authority to do so.