Thursday, January 10, 2019

FREDERICK B. MILLS, WILLIAM CAMACARO AND ROGER D. HARRIS - Multifaceted Attack Against Venezuela on Eve of Maduro Inauguration

All that oil and gold - the pirates are after it! 
The US Imperial Project
US policy towards Venezuela has three strategic objectives: privileged access to Venezuela’s natural resources (e.g., the world’s largest petroleum reserves and second largest gold deposits), restoration of a neoliberal regime obedient to Washington, and limitation of any movement towards regional independence.
These US objectives are conditioned by a continuing adherence to the Monroe Doctrine for Latin America and the Caribbean, the so-called “backyard” of the US empire. The contemporary mutation of the 1823 imperial doctrine entails a new Cold War against Russia and China and hostility to any regional integration independent of US hegemony.
Back in the 1980s-90s during Venezuela’s Fourth Republic, local elites afforded Washington preferential access to Venezuela’s rich natural resources and dutifully imposed a neoliberal economic model on the country. Currently, US policy appears aimed at  re-establishing such a client state.
However, to bring about such a return, the US imperial project would have to change not only the Venezuelan leadership but dismantle the institutions and even the symbols of the Bolivarian revolution. The devastating US economic sanctions are designed to increase economic hardship in order to ultimately break the will of the chavista base and fracture the Venezuelan military as well as the civic-military alliance. This breakdown would presumably pave the way for installation of a provisional government.
Multifaceted War Against Venezuela and the Bolivarian Response
Washington is engaging in a multifaceted war against Venezuela by deploying economic sanctions, backing a campaign to install a transitional government, and preparing proxy military and paramilitary forces for an eventual intervention.


Noah Way said...

Russian influence will be the justification for military intervention in Venezuela.

Konrad said...

Multifaceted war against Venezuela and the Bolivarian Response

There is no “multifacted war.” Instead, Venezuela’s economic difficulties are 100% caused by “socialism” (which hardly exists at all in Venezuela).


“Washington is engaging in a multifaceted war against Venezuela by deploying economic sanctions, backing a campaign to install a transitional government, and preparing proxy military and paramilitary forces for an eventual intervention.”

The near universal use of the euphemism “intervention” shows how much the pro-war propaganda has saturated the social narrative. The Western Empire does not bomb, invade, occupy, overthrow, or exterminate. Instead, the Empire “intervenes.”

On 6 Aug 1945 the USA “intervened” in Hiroshima. This was part of “World Intervention II.” Korea remains divided because of the 1950s “Korean Intervention.” If the USA and Russia launch their nukes, we will have a global nuclear intervention.

In other news, US Sec. of State attended Bolsonaro’s inauguration on 1 Jan 2019 to coordinate strategy against Venezuela.

Also present was Netanyahu of Israel who Bolsonaro calls his “brother.” Netanyahu will advise Bolsonaro on confiscating indigenous peoples’ territories, as Israelis have done in Palestine. Hours after his inauguration, Bolsonaro issued an executive order that targeted the land rights of indigenous peoples in Brazil. Bolasonaro did this in obedience to agricultural lobbies that want to cut down Brazil’s forests.

Netanyahu also made weapons deals and “mutual security” deals with Paulo Guedes, who is the real power in Brazil. (Bolsonaro is Guedes’ puppet.)

Until recently, the Brazilian government was pro-Palestinian. Now with Bolsonaro and Guedes it is anti-Palestinian.

Evangelical “Christians” in Latin America are fanatically pro-Israel, just like those in the USA.