Thursday, January 10, 2019

BOMBSHELL: British meddling, “smearing crap” out of Americans

I tried to find out more about the British journalist, Graham Pillips, who reports about the war in the Ukraine, but everything on the internet is a massive smear campaign against him, where they say he is a terrorist who is funded by the Kremlin. Graham Phillips says he's neutral and independent, and his funding comes from crowdfunding.

The British taxpayer funds a secret group called the Integrity Initiative which tries to influence American politics to keep the hostilities going with Russia, and it also smears everyone who gets in their way, including Jeremy Corbyn.

Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal joins News with Rick Sanchez to unveil new documents on what appears to be a real case in international meddling by the British military intelligence in American politics, through the use of the Integrity Initiative and a secret think tank operation to smear opponents of their pro-war positions.

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