Thursday, January 10, 2019

Israel uses human shields to attack Syria

This was under reported by the Western MSM. It includes an interview with Philip Geraldi.

Rick Sanchez explains how Israel has used commercial planes to covered airstrikes in Syria and how this unprecedented way of attacks is violating the rule of war on the use of civilians as humans shields. Then, RT correspondent Michele Greenstein joins to discuss.

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Konrad said...

Israel will continue to do this as long as Israel faces no consequences.

On 17 Sep 2018 the Israelis used this human shield trick to murder 15 Russian personnel in Syria.

Russia responded by apologizing to Israel for the “misunderstanding.”

Israelis laughed at Russia’s cowardice and stupidity.

On 25 Dec 2018 they used human shields again as a “Fu*k you” to Christian Syrians who were celebrating Christmas.

Once again the world apologized to Israel for the “misunderstanding.”