Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Links — 2 Jan 2019

Zero Hedge
America's Defeat In Syria Is A Crisis Of Empire [how Putin outplayed the US Deep State]
Tyler Durden

Resolving Taiwan question, complete reunification a historic task: Xi

Xi delivers speech at gathering marking 40th anniversary of Message to Compatriots in Taiwan

The Fourth Political Theory
Geopolitics: Theories, Concepts, Schools, and Debates

The Spiel
Bolsonaro’s Foreign Minister Calls For Christian Pact Between Brazil, Russia And The United States—Ernesto Araújo Suggests Replacement Of BRICS With New “Nationalist Group”
Eduardo Rivero

Zero Hedge
Mueller's Legal Strategy Ridiculed By Courtroom Nemesis; A Veteran Of The "Real Justice Department"
Tyler Durden

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Konrad said...

Land of the free – unless you want to criticize Israel

The Israel Anti-Boycott Act will fine Americans $1 million for approving of or participating in any boycott of Israel. Either the Act has not yet passed, or else it has, and the corporate media outlets are being very quiet about it.

Not all Jews want this. Since the Anti-Boycott Act is a blatant violation of the U.S. Constitution, some Jews worry that the Act could backfire on Israel.


Bolsonaro’s foreign minister calls for Christian pact between Brazil, Russia and the United States.

Brazil’s new President, Jair Bolsonaro (who was sworn into office yesterday) is not a neoliberal, nor is he anti-neoliberal. He is a puppet moron.

After the summer of 2016, when rich neoliberals removed President Dilma Rousseff in a coup, the neoliberals went so far as to have austerity permanently written into Brazil’s constitution.

Then Brazil’s rulers supported radical political correctness in order to keep the masses bickering and helpless. Feminism, homosexual rights, trans rights, the whole bit. (However Brazil’s rulers did not permit abortion, because this would have reduced the power of the Catholic Church, which is allied with Brazil’s rulers.)

Political correctness and identity politics became so extreme that the masses eventually tired of it. Therefore Brazil’s rulers devised a plan to promote Jair Bolsonaro as anti-PC.

Just as Obama had been a liberal puppet of the rich, Jair Bolsonaro would be a conservative puppet of the rich.

Brazil’s rulers would let the idiot Bolsonaro attack the “trannies, fags, and feminists” while the rulers “took care of” Brazil’s economy, meaning they would impose more neoliberalism than ever.

Therefore Brazil’s rulers offered to financially back Jair Bolsonaro’s bid for the presidency, if Bolsonaro would let the rulers install their own man to run Brazil’s economy -- and thereby have supreme power.

Bolsonaro agreed, and Brazil’s rulers installed Paulo Guedes as his minister of the economy.

Guedes also heads a ‘super-ministry’ that combines finance, industry, trade and planning.

Guedes is no garden variety neoliberal a**hole. He was given a PhD at the University of Chicago, where he was taught by the notorious Milton Friedman, who advised Chilean dictator August Pinochet as he reduced Chile to a neoliberal nightmare.

Guedes is a well-known fan of the “Chicago boy” neoliberals. During the Pinochet dictatorship, Guedes taught neoliberal economics at the University of Chile. Now Paulo Guedes will rule Brazil on behalf of the oligarchs. He boasts about this, vowing to use a “Pinochet-style” fix of the Brazilian economy. Guedes has surrounded himself with other Chicago graduates such as Joaquim Levy, a neoliberal Jew who will head the powerful Brazilian Development Bank.

Chicago graduate Roberto Castello Branco will head up Petrobras (Brazil’s state-owned oil company). Several other Chicago-trained neoliberals such as Ruben Novaes will also have important positions in finance and trade.

Meanwhile the conservative puppet president, Bolsonaro, romanticizes about the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil from 1964 until 1985. Bolsonaro fantasizes about taking Brazil back there, being too stupid to grasp that the neoliberals now own and control Brazil. Hence his idiotic proposal for a meaningless “Christian pact” with Russia and the USA.

Bolsonaro is a Brazilian Trump, meaning that the Brazilian media outlets will use him as a distraction. They will constantly blame Bolsonaro for everything. They will create Bolsonaro Derangement Syndrome, attacking Bolsonaro as a racist, sexist, homophobe, and blah-blah-blah, while the neoliberals suck Brazil dry, just like with Trump in the USA.

If my analysis seems too simplistic, it is because you have been told non-stop lies.