Thursday, January 3, 2019

Matador Network - Iran: Is it Really that Bad!? Episode 1

Lots of people are going on holiday in Iran and finding out that the Iranians are a very friendly people. And many of these travelers are specifically going there to see if they are bad as the U.S. makes them out to be. Reiner Van Oosouw, who is from Germany, found the Iranians to be very friendly and he really liked them.

At about 2:50 minutes into the second video - Iran: It's Just Not What You Think - an English woman gets all emotional after taking to some Muslim and wonders why anyone would want to start a war with them.

For most people in the West, Iran is a country associated with terrorism, violence, and societal repression. Dutch filmmaker and photographer Reinier van Oorsouw travels there with the simple question: Is Iran really that bad? From snowboarding in the mountains to professional women working as creatives, we find a modern and nuanced society far different from what’s typically portrayed in the media.

Iran - It's Just Not What You Think

Get the tissue ready for this one.. :(
Today was such an emotional day in Iran for everyone. Rashed - you are an amazing man, we love you to the moon and back.
We visited the North of Iran on the Mongol rally and it welcomed us with open arms. We met the most incredible, caring and kind people and our faces hurt each day from smiling so much.
Iran to us was not what we thought it would be. We're spoon fed false information by the media on how dangerous is it and we're taught to feel afraid of going there. When we arrived in Iran we felt like we were being welcomed home by our families. We are yet to explore the South of iran.

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