Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Does Capitalism Have a PR Problem? — Erika Fry

Still clueless. Caught in the bubble and out of touch.
“For every one positive article about capitalism, there are 11 negative ones,” said Nathan Rosenberg, founding partner of Insigniam, a management consulting firm. “CEOs should seize their job. Capitalism has created more elevation of [the] human condition than any religion or government ever has. We don’t tell our story. We don’t talk about the benefits. We have to get out and tell our story.”...
Does Capitalism Have a PR Problem?
Erika Fry


Kaivey said...

It might well have done, but not because it has any consideration for anyone else. It gives people incentive, but it needs to be balanced, otherwise an unpleasant society will emerge.

Richard said...

I don't know if Capitalism has a PR problem, but Matt Franco has a messaging problem. Since his posts appear to not accept comments and queries, can anybody get him to start making sense?