Monday, June 10, 2019

Michael Hamilton - Julian Assange moved to hospital wing of Belmarsh prison after losing dangerous amount of weight

I've read many times now how Julian Assange is in a state of total panic and can't calm down at all. In this article it says that Jillian Assange can't even eat properly and has become gravely ill.

Just imagine if Julian Assange had been a Putin critic and was being treated like this in Russia? Imagine the outcry in the media? Imagine what our politicians would be saying?

When under extreme stress the front cortex can become disconnected from the amydala, a primitive part of the brain which controls our emotions and fear. When this becomes disconnected, its fear response goes to maximum and sufferers may developed severe anxiety, depression, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Trauma and prolonged stress can cause this disconnection, and for many people this may have occurred during their childhood. Fortunately, it can reconnected when the stress is removed, or when the trauma gets processed, and then the person heals. But there is another way to heal this disconnection which a number of pioneering  doctors and scientists are researching right now, which may be a lot faster than psychotherapy, and a lot simpler to administer. More on this in another post.


And a prison source said: “Assange is unwell generally but has recently been struggling to eat which has made it worse.
“He looked near to collapse, gaunt and frail so they have got him in as a precaution.
“He will be looked after in the healthcare wing and given supplements and plenty of liquid if he is struggling with food.
“Some staff feared he was on hunger strike although that is not the case.
“Some of his health problems seem to stem from being cooped up in the embassy for so long.


“And his state of mind is not great, either.”
The hospital move comes after footage of Assange, 47 – looking pale and emaciated – was leaked by a con said to be a supporter.
It showed him wearing a blue prison-issue sweater and jeans in an untidy single cell. A fellow inmate points out that half-eaten food is lying around.

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