Monday, June 10, 2019

Peter Grubber - Conservatives Are Scared

Mike Grubber says conservatives are scared as their world is changing too fast for them when they prefer the security of tradition. He says conservatives are not the bad guys as liberals tend to believe, and should show more compassion towards them. He goes on to describe an America which is fast becoming liberal, where the young are relaxed about identity politics and multiculturalism, more open to leftist politics, and are very concerned about the environment. Religion is also less important to them.

Although Peter Grubber says he neither a liberal or a conservative, but something in between, and yet his article is a devastating read for conservatives as the US is indeed changing very fast.

He says conservatives are naturally more fearful than liberals because they are less open to new experiences, other cultures, and change. But if you look around the internet the research shows that conservatives may be happier as they have stronger family ties, while their traditions also give them security. But liberals tend worry more about the environment, poverty around the world, and what's been put in their food by the corporations, etc, (although many on the right are concerned about GMO's too).

I have many lovely conservative neighbours who I am much friends with, but I have never spoken about politics with them. I think they see the British Conservative Party as the party of British tradition, law and order, King and country, authority, and honour - the good guys who defend us from the criminals, anarchy (that's the Labour Party), and our enemies. But I see the whole thing in reverse.

I’ll repeat myself: These folks are scared. Think about what that means.

They value traditional ways, preserving the past/what’s working (for them). Study after study after study show conservatives lean negative. They do not like “new” no matter how much better that “new” promises. Particularly if that “new” upsets what has been.

Conservatives may not admit it or feel it consciously, but they tend to live in fear, worry and insecurity. They follow authority, which makes them easy to lead and organize. That’s one reason why the Republican Party is so great at political messaging.

So given all this, why aren’t progressives more compassionate towards conservative Americans? Why don’t they understand conservatives face a future threatening everything they hold dear?

For god’s sake. Look at the world today! It is changing before our eyes in ways not seen since the early industrial revolution. In conservatives’ view, those changes are not improvements.

Our changing world confronts everything they value. It’s been happening for a long time. But the changes have gained steam. Conservative leaders were wary of these threats long ago. They’ve been trying to stem the tide ever since.

They’ve succeed in small ways. In modern day: Trickle Down Economics, Citizen’s United, current Supreme Court appointments, and Trump’s White House win are signs of that.

Given these wins, you’d think conservatives would be feeling better. But these successes can’t assuage the long-term fear that they’re still losing.

Which they are.


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