Sunday, August 4, 2019

Aaron Maté - Mueller time is over, Russia-hate is here to stay

Stephen A Cohen says that over his entire lifetime he has never seen anything as crazy as RussiaGate.

To see all those people on TV lying was very disturbing, especially when it could have started WW3. Politicians on both sides as well as people in the media were all parroting the same nonsense. Even the Guardian, a paper I used to love, was pushing the RussiaGate myth.

I used to think that politicians and journalists were rather bright, especially as most had good degrees, but then I saw how stupid they really were, which is worrying because they run the country.

Stephen F. Cohen, professor emeritus at Princeton and NYU, says that while Robert Mueller has closed up shop, dangerous U.S. fear-mongering about Russia remains. Guest: Stephen F. Cohen, professor emeritus at New York University and Princeton University. His latest book is "War with Russia: From Putin and Ukraine To Trump and Russiagate."

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