Sunday, August 4, 2019

Jonathan Ford - Elizabeth Warren is right to worry about private equity looting

Sensible society would not allow these groups to rig odds as they gamble with economy

Even the Financial Times agrees with me. The FT doesn't like you to copy too much, so there is a link is below. They usually let you read one article a day without a subscription. 

 I remember reading how private equity groups not only hire new management to run the companies they have taken over, but they also get financial advice from other people. So what do they do?


Ryan Harris said...

Chalrabarti,the tech billionaire working for/funding AOCs campaign and promoting MMT is under investigation. I wonder what effect that will have on MMT academics and connections to Bernie. Could get ugly for progressives resurgence. The Obama politicization of law enforcement and using government as a cudgel coming back to bite. Pelosi was blocking GOP requests for investigation into AOCs big money funding --it was clearly illegal and there was money laundering and intent to hide along with residency problems for AOC herself. Chalrabarti tried to take on Pelosi and AOC didn't have the good sense to know that alot of the people in congress are alot better at the game of politics, thirst for power, sharp elbow willingness to do whatever is necessary and corruption than she is.

Kaivey said...

That's interesting, Ryan.