Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Are Taiwanese Brainwashed to hate mainland China?

Part 1. This series looks interesting.

During my wonderful trip to the island of Taiwan, or the Republic of China, I decided to put some youtube "work" in well because I might never return. I spend one day of my trip wandering around looking for people to talk to. This Part 1 video shows a very long conversation I had with a University couple. They were super nice and agreed to the interview.


Peter Pan said...

Taiwan is independent and if China were to invade, the Taiwanese would fight to defend their home.

Pro-China boosters are dreaming if they believe Taiwan will vote to rejoin the mainland. This is a long game, and China's leadership knows it.

Why are pro-China boosters so obsessed over this?
It's not like they can't visit each other.

Andrew Anderson said...

This is a long game, ... Bob

Yes and the question is which system is less just and thus will fold sooner than the other.

My bet is on the Reds since they are less likely to be deluded that their system is just to begin with - unlike the West* (and followers of the West) who believe TINA to government-privileged usury cartels.

*And MMT proposals wrt banking are just the last desperate measures to make an inherently unjust system work smoothly.

Peter Pan said...

I don't know Andrew, the proponents of what is unjust are in power.

Peter Pan said...

When bread and circuses no longer work, is when the gloves come off.