Tuesday, June 2, 2020

State Terrorism Across America — Joe Giambrone

The growth and extension of the police state has been bipartisan and has increased greatly since the passage of the Patriot Act suspending constitutional rights and civil liberties, along with police militarization, and illegal civilian surveillance.

State Terrorism Across America
Joe Giambrone


"Us against them."

Trump, fear and racism: How our brains can be manipulated to tribalism
Arash Javanbakht


The Baffler
Insurrection in the Eye of the Beholder
Hawa Allan


Andrew Anderson said...

A just economic system does not require a police state.

Note then that a Job Guarantee is a lame attempt at a soft police state - by substituting make-work* for economic justice.

* A system that focuses on jobs rather than accomplishing useful work is bound to be wasteful of human time, energy and morale.

Peter Pan said...

A police state does not require a job guarantee. Just hire enough cops to beat the remaining unemployed into submission.

Matt Franko said...

Include policing as part of a job guarantee...