Monday, October 12, 2020

Richard Murphy — Corruption

Corruption is just another form of economic rent extraction.

Tax Research UK
Lawyers understand that this country is corrupt. So do medics. It’s time other professions did as well.

I can accuse the government of being corrupt without fear now, because the evidence supports my case. And that’s profoundly worrying.
Richard Murphy | Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University, London; Director of Tax Research UK; non-executive director of Cambridge Econometrics, and a member of the Progressive Economy Forum

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Peter Pan said...

Without corruption, a Nigerian police officer could not keep his family fed.
Don't mess with people's lives, don't mess with 'trickle down'.

Tom Hickey said...

@ Peter Pan

Yes and tipping in the US plays a similar role. It's built into the system.