Monday, October 12, 2020

The Logic of Sino-Western Détente — Jim O'Neill

A contrarian view of China.
It might be cathartic to opine noisily about another country’s standards and practices, but there is substantial historical evidence to suggest that a country’s citizens will tend to value economic opportunity over most other issues. That axiom applies as much to the US, the UK, and Europe as it does to China....
China is kicking ass economically. Might it be foolish to keep poking a dragon (along with a bear and griffin (huma in Persian)?

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The Logic of Sino-Western Détente
Jim O'Neill

China is a huge country and it has learned to deal with both opportunities and challenges of scale by using a systems approach.

9 million in 5 days: China's Qingdao launches citywide Covid-19 testing campaign after new cases arrive from abroad

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Peter Pan said...

Poking foreigners while murdering your own citizens is called 'statecraft'.
Murdering foreigners while prodding your citizens is called 'war'.