Friday, November 13, 2020

A Judicial Coup Unlikely, but Far Right Far From Gone – Larry Wilkerson – Paul Jay.

 Retired Col Lawrence Wilkerson:

The Republicans will block the Biden administration from doing anything over the next 4 years, including any environmental green initiatives, then get back in power and carry on where they left off.

Republican voters think Trump handled the Covid epidemic well because they only listen to Fox News. 

No wonder China zooms ahead while America goes nowhere.


A Judicial Coup Unlikely, but Far Right Far From Gone – Larry Wilkerson – Paul Jay.


Peter Pan said...

American people get nowhere, but the elite do.

Btw, if evidence of election fraud is presented in court, and the court accepts it and takes action, that would not be a coup. Why are people opposed to following available legal options?

Matt Franko said...

Because the only way they can win is that way ... their cities are obsolete and dying..,, everybody is leaving and they are broke due to ZIRP...

Calgacus said...

The problem is that there is no evidence of election fraud - by the Dems. Too bad - they're too wimpy to take their own side in a fight, or fight at all. In the good old days both parties indulged in fraud. Now the Dems work hard to elect Republicans, but all of their efforts towards this and all of the proven Republican dirty tricks weren't enough to swing the election to Trump. For his response to Covid was incredibly stupid. Act with the intelligence of a 13 year old, and he would have been re-elected.

It is very unlikely that the suits could prevail. This isn't 2000 - which actually was an incredibly close election. Trump's suits are so baseless that his lawyers have started quitting on him - which hasn't happened before even with his long history of legal shenanigans. They don't want to be held in contempt for bringing frivolous suits, some of which have been dismissed already.

Peter Pan said...

This was a close election - California widens the popular vote count.

Trump lost, but the 'populist' right won. Blue wave stymied by a red tide.