Saturday, November 14, 2020

China list

China leads world 5G development with 700,000 base stations

China-developed COVID-19 vaccine to enter late-stage trial in Uzbekistan

China ranks 1st in 4 major areas of scientific research


Kaivey said...

I read that as China has 4 x the population of US, it can't help but surpass it. It's got more scientists, more engineers, more companies, more R&D, a larger home market.

Tom Hickey said...

Right, it's going to be a wipe out. That is why the US is so intent on preventing China's rise. China's economy is already larger than the US figured by PPP, which is a more realistic measure than GDP, and China is not even a developed country yet.

The only national competitor of China's size is India. They are already competitors.

Countries by population 2020

Until recently, this made no difference since the world was so unequal but that is changing fast with decolonization. The West is now trying to slow that process down if not stop it before it gets eclipsed.

The counterbalance is the West with a total population approaching that of China, depending on how the West is counted. Japan and South Korea are developed countries with liberal democracies, too.

Political and economic geography as well as demographics are a thing, as is ecology also. We'll be hearing a lot more about them soon.

Another reality is that the earth cannot sustain a world population consuming at the level of the US. This is another reason that the West is getting anxious.

Climate change is already closing in. In addition, great power competition is returning.

Peter Pan said...

Globalism has to be rejected, or it will be a wipe out for us all. China is 'leading the way' to our destruction. The US is anxious (read: envious), since their economic power relative to the rest of the world is diminished. Every state actor on the world stage is trapped by the logic of an unsustainable model. None of the big actors are willing to relinquish power for sustainability.