Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Sputnik — S-400 Maker Delivers Batch of Advanced Air Defence System to Russian Military Ahead of Schedule

Russia is exporting S-400s too, in addition to S-300s. Oriented toward defense, Russia has a modest military budget.

Sputnik International
S-400 Maker Delivers Batch of Advanced Air Defence System to Russian Military Ahead of Schedule

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A new, “almost absolutely” protected command centre for Russia’s strategic nuclear forces is nearing the final stages of construction, and will allow Moscow to issue a retaliatory attack order even after being hit in a nuclear first strike, Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed.
“I have been informed that a new command post with almost absolute protection, including against strategic nuclear forces, is in the final stages of construction,” Putin said, speaking with officials from the Ministry of Defence, defence enterprises and other officials on Wednesday....
Russia has committed vast material and scientific resources to upgrading its nuclear arsenal over the past two decades, reacting to a number of US decisions, including Washington’s move to pull out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002, and the creation of missile defence systems in Eastern Europe. In the early 2000s, Pentagon planners began dabbling with the concept of a ‘Prompt Global Strike’ – or the idea of carrying out a massed precision-guided conventional strike to decapitate an adversary’s defences and nuclear response capability. Russia has responded by creating a range of nuclear-capable hypersonic weapons capable of outmanoeuvring any existing or prospective missile defence systems, hence guaranteeing a nuclear response capability.... 
Sputnik InternationalPutin Unveils New Command Post for Russia’s Strategic Nukes as New START’s Fate Hangs in Balance 

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"Despite the changing nature of military threats, it is the nuclear triad that remains the most important, key guarantee of Russia's military security, and if we look more broadly, of global stability," Putin said. "Maintaining this balance of power negates the threat of a large - scale military conflict, in fact makes any attempts to blackmail or pressure our country meaningless," the President added.
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