Friday, December 12, 2008

More liars, hypocrites

Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee.

Tennessee offered huge tax incentives (read: subsidies) to foreign automaker, Volkswagon.

What did it do for the state's economy and its residents?

His state ranks 39th in the nation in per capita income, but 13th in the nation when it comes to receiving money from the Federal Government!

I watched him this morning on CNBC, where he gave such a phony display of dissapointment that they "couldn't reach a deal." It was sickening. He deserves and Oscar for that performance.


googleheim said...

Of course they cannot really allow their subsidization of foreign auto makers make a REAL dent in their REAL economy, otherwise their standard of living might REALLY RISE and then the auto maker would go to China since the workers would organize and ask for more benefits.

Music on show could be more edgy. The Who, The Clash, ???

mike norman said...

Yeah, the music is going to be changed. I've been telling them that for a long time.