Thursday, April 2, 2009

FDR Economist Says Obama Should Put Stimulus First

“You have to get enough spending going to get private enterprise interested in taking chances on investing.” -Economist, Thomas Worsely

It's too bad that we need a 97-year old economist to tell us what we need to do. Shows you what they teach (and don't teach) when it comes to economics these days!

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googleheim said...

like I pointed out before - we are pegged to a Chinese fixed currency - for the cheap purchase of poisoned toys and tainted seafood.

now china is making deals with argentina to circumvent using the dollar - so they can buy genetically modified soy from south america.

krugman points out the dollar trap the chinese are in

i wonder if the fixed yuan is going to make them implode like argentina did when they fixed their peso 1 to 1 with the U$D ??

googleheim said...

there are big differences between argentina and china - namely that argentina did not acculmulated any foreign based assets - much the opposite, but the chinese's safest investment the USD Tbill seems to be what they are trying to undermine ? look out for expanding and contracting Fed Reserves as their buffer against bank risks ???