Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama signs bill tightening defense procurement

Obama noted one study which found that roughly $295 billion of taxpayers' money was wasted last year on cost overruns involving 95 defense programs.
He said wasteful defense spending "is unacceptable" at a time when the country is fighting two wars and trying to overcome a deep recession at home.

How can any spending be "wasteful" when you have 12 million people unemployed, 30 percent of our industrial capacity sitting idle, 5 million unsold homes, 3 million unsold cars, 43 million people without health care even though we have the facilities to take care of them, half the families in America unable to send their kids to school despite the fact that there is space for them, crumbling roads, bridges and other vital infrastructure, an electricity grid of a modern nation that sees blackouts every summer?????

Come on!!!!

This talk of wasteful spending is like saying a dying anorexic had too much fat intake today.

This is totally nuts!!!! When will any of our policymakers start using some common sense?? Obama is totally useless at this point.

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googleheim said...

some of those funny Obama spending programs that sounded funny back a couple of months ago now sound great.

this is where the multiplier effect should be implemented

sure make the military more efficient, but shift the money don't elliminate it.

they want to shut down military bases and all that.