Friday, May 29, 2009

Watch me on "Cashin In" on the Fox News Channel on Saturday!

I'll be on Cashin' In on the Fox News Channel, Saturday, May 30th, 11:30am ET. Try to catch it if you can. I need you to turn out and watch when I am on. It helps to support our cause, which is economic education without dogma and ideology!Thanks!


googleheim said...

just remember to reverse the table and ask them :

what is the difference between deficit spending by overly cut taxes and that of crediting banks which is misnomered as "printing money" ?

nothing but politics of a 2 party system.

gee, what would happen if we had a multi-party wider spectrum democracy ?

if the republicans don't go along with Obama, then they will splinter like match sticks.

That includes the Boy Scouts at Bizradio who are finally coming around to the Norman Theory of Capacity and it's corollary principle of action via the moment of crediting depository institutions.

BlairGirl said...

Did you actually ask Tracey Brynes if she "knew" what printing money was?

You're extremely lucky she didn't rip your aorta out.

Yeah, you really are an obnoxious, arrogant ass.

Unknown said...

Mike - would have liked to hear the academic debate on "printing money". It's too bad Terry K. shut it down so quickly. I find the term "printing money" used all too frequently in the financial press these days and agree that there is not a consistent definition. Mike - have you written on this topic? Do you know if there a good book or website that covers? Tx.

googleheim said...

if they actually printed 12 trillion on paper, it would drive up the price of paper and pulp !

the money would literally flood the streets - even in denominations of a million dollar bill -

it would be the equivalent of 12 million million dollar bills.

maybe not.

but the point is that they are crediting the banks - deposits on institutions and it is computerized
and trees are saved.

mopping the excess up later will be a cinch as well.

mike norman said...


You're right, we should have that debate. It wasn't Terry who shut it down, but the producers in my ear from the control room. I am sure Terry would love to have that debate. She's not in the wrong paradigm, herself, but has to adhere to what the producers want.

mike norman said...


Do YOU know what printing money is? Why don't you educate us, then? Better yet, ask Tracy in an email and then post the answer here on this blog. I am sure my regular readers would be interested.