Thursday, June 18, 2009

World Bank's upgrade of Chinese economy sends Shanghai Index to an 11-month high

More evidence of what I have been forecasting!

China is being turned into the world's economic engine, not because it was China's desire, but because U.S. policy is ceding that position to the People's Republic. Get my Special Report on China and you will understand completely and fully why this tectonic shift cannot be stopped and why we are handing China the mantle of economic leadership! It includes four of my best China stock picks, which are all traded on regulated U.S. exchanges as American Depository Receipts. In addition, if you buy my report now ($39.95) you will get my U.S. Fiscal Update absolutely free. This report includes plenty of charts and graphs that show deficits and U.S. debt and spending in perspective and what the historical consequences of such periods were.

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