Monday, November 9, 2009

Wall Street Bonuses Rise as Big 3 May Pay $30 Billion

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Chase will pay out up to $30 BILLION in bonuses as the rest of America dangles in the wind, unable to find a job!


Goldman and Morgan Stanley are speculative intermediaries, which would have failed during the financial meltdown had they not received gov't support.

JP Morgan Chase is a commercial bank that resembles an investment bank/hedge fund because of the repeal of Glass Steagall. They closed my overdraft line of credit, even though it was current and I've had it for 10 years. Shame on you, Jamie Dimon!



Mike Sandifer said...

Parasite is just the right word in this case. I'm just sorry that there isn't more outrage. As the economy improves, albeit very slowly, people will largely forget about this scandal and move on as they always do.

Ryan Harris said...

They can borrow money at 0-0.25%, value assets using best judgement, front run markets with secret data and software, and make and trade markets with inside info. Gods work.

Snow White said...

You tell em! I'll sic my dwarfs after them all.

googleheim said...

We don't we just give them all the money from TARP / TRAP and or the stimulus.

We'll be getting free cheese from GS / MS / BA / JPMC with their own logos - I prefer that they have a stately outline in black with a gold trim.

Swiss cheese is definitely called for.

mike norman said...

Right! Lloyd Blankfein's moronic comment, "We're doing God's work." And Obama pads his Administration with these creeps!