Saturday, February 26, 2011

MSNBC anchor Cenk Uygur rips Obama on his failure to stand up for Wisconsin unions

Brutal truth, awesome commentary by MSNBC anchor Cenk Uygur!


Red Rock said...

OTOH, see Josh Brown's take:

Tom Hickey said...

Love that Cenk since Young Turks. Primary Obummer!

I disagree with Cenk here, though. Obummer is part of the problem. He is in the pocket of Wall Street, and his support for Wall Street is taking the US down.

Both parties have now been captured by Big Money. In this political climate of endemic corruption, the electoral choice is between catastrophe and disaster.

Five million person march on DC this spring to demand that 1) all politicians who take corporate donations (that's all of them) resign immediately, and 2) everyone who is reasonably suspected of committed a crime be investigated and prosecuted where evidence warrants, regardless of their wealth, position, or influence. It's long past time to end the privilege and double-standard at the basis of the corruption that has resulted in a de facto coup d'├ętat.

That's just for starters.

BTW, this is not just about unions and collective bargaining, either. It is about the survival of the American way and American dream, which is now being seriously threatened by a replay of Reaganomics— cut taxes at the top while making taxation more regressive, reduce social spending while increasing military spending and crony capitalism, and bust unions while also cutting worker wages across the board to control wage-price inflation so that asset appreciation can run unabated to the advantage of the top of the town.

To use a favorite of the other side, is this mess what we want to leave to our kids to handle because we couldn't or wouldn't?

Mario said...

with you all the way Tom!!!!

We are on the same page brotha!!

Cheers :D