Thursday, May 31, 2012

Terry Coxon — Myths And Realities Of Returning To A Gold Standard

Terry Coxon blows off the spurious myths about the gold standard and concludes that the major benefit of being on a gold standard would prevent "reckless expansion" of money so as to preserve the purchasing power of the dollar. Really? Inflation is really roaring these days, isn't it. Oh right, any day now. That must be what historically low rates on Treasuries are signaling. You know the story, historically low rates have no way to go but up.

Nothing about the downside, either — you know, like being deflationary in an era of high private debt and ensuring that foreign trade is mercantilist. Who would end up with the pile of gold at the end of the day? Maybe the Saudis and other oil producers, like Russia?

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Myths And Realities Of Returning To A Gold Standard
Submitted by Terry Coxon of Casey Research

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Tyler Healey said...

The most extreme of the strong dollar advocates believe that any expansion of money is reckless.

Their philosophy is, "I got my dollars and I'm living well so don't you dare reduce my living standards, even if it means 12 million Americans go jobless."

The greedy love recessions.