Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Zeus Yiamouyiannis — “I Give A Damn”: A Capitalist Manifesto for the Productive Class

This essay is a call to citizens to put real work, ingenuity, and community above false promises and disgraced authority. 

Empowerment, in this essay, is not about pumping up self-esteem but rather equipping citizens to take control of the global economy. When political and economic leaders fail to act effectively, we will have to be the ones to succeed.

Capitalism stands and falls upon care, not the superficial “I-feel-your-pain” type, but the deep, committed “I-give-a-damn” type.
What does it mean to give a damn?
Of Two MInds | Charles Hugh-Smith
Guest Post: “I Give A Damn”: A Capitalist Manifesto for the Productive Class
Zeus Yiamouyiannis
(h/t Zero Hedge)
This essay is from the newly released book, Transforming Economy: From Corrupted Capitalism to Connected Communities by Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Copyright 2013.


Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of rhetorical emoting about abstract values without any concrete proposals.

Roger Erickson said...

For once we agree Dan! :)

The author needs a simpler summary.

People can rally to a consensus desired outcome.

It's hard to organize 'em based on orientation to a herd of cats let out of a bag.

But give him credit. He's practicing at becoming a politician. He better hope we still need 'em when our electorates are finally able to organize on a greater scale.

Politicians as a sub-species may be already doomed to extinction. Rather like Shamans, Witch-Doctors and Opera Singers.