Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mike Whitney — Why is Putin in Washington’s Crosshairs?

Pincer movement to encircle and weaken Russia and China to preserve US global hegemony.
US provocations in Ukraine cannot be understood apart from Washington’s “Pivot to Asia”, which is the broader strategic plan to shift attention from the Middle East to Asia. The so called “re-balancing” is actually a blueprint for controlling China’s growth in a way that is compatible with US hegemonic ambitions....

So what does controlling China have to do with the dust up in Ukraine?

Everything. Washington sees Russia as a growing threat to its plans for regional dominance. The problem is, Moscow has only gotten stronger as it has expanded its network of oil and gas pipelines across Central Asia into Europe. That’s why Washington has decided to use Ukraine is a staging ground for an attack on Russia, because a strong Russia that’s economically integrated with Europe is a threat to US hegemony. Washington wants a weak Russia that won’t challenge US presence in Central Asia or its plan to control vital energy resources....
What matters is global hegemony and world domination. That’s what really counts. Everyone knows this. To follow the daily incidents in Ukraine as though they could be separated from the big picture is ridiculous. They’re all part of the same sick strategy. Here’s a clip from former US national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski in Foreign Affairs explaining how–as far as Washington is concerned–it makes no sense to have separate policies for Europe and Asia:
“With Eurasia now serving as the decisive geopolitical chessboard, it no longer suffices to fashion one policy for Europe and another for Asia. What happens with the distribution of power on the Eurasian landmass will be of decisive importance to America’s global primacy and historical legacy.” (“The danger of war in Asia“, World Socialist Web Site)
It’s all about the pivot to Asia and the future of the empire.
 Recall Halford MacKinder's heartland doctrine about the Eurasian landmass as the geographical pivot of history. It's still in play in the minds of US strategists.

Why is Putin in Washington’s Crosshairs?
Mike Whitney

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Peter Pan said...

They better have a plan B because it doesn't look like they'll be winning this one.

As PCR argues, get Putin to invade Eastern Ukraine, and use the fallout to advance their plans for Syria and Iran.