Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Empire Files: 'This Ship is Sinking' Says Former Bush Official

Abby Martin interviews retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former national security adviser to the Reagan administration, who spent years as an assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations. Today, he is honest about the unfixable corruption inside the establishment and the corporate interests driving foreign policy.

Hear a rare insider's view of what interests are behind U.S. wars, the manipulation of intelligence, the intertwining of the military and corporate world, and why the U.S. Empire is doomed.

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson resigned from the army when he found out that the top officials of the US government had sanctioned torture in Iraq. He was a republican and an adviser to Colin Powell.   H says that war is no big business in the US and the expansion of NATO is just to get more members to sell armaments to.

Lawrence Wilkerson talks about the revolving door where generals leave the army and then become six figure paid experts for the defense industry. You will see them being interviewed on television as security experts advising for more war spending and ever more military build up.

Lawrence Wilkerson says that Russia had 80% of it tanks and military equipment manufactured in the Ukraine and Washington must have been crazed to think that they would give that up easily. He says American citizens must wake up and end this madness, and that we might need a color revolution here too.    


Anonymous said...

Phew! Wow! Brave soldier is retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson. If eyes are windows into the soul and the face its portrait, I see nothing but a human being with courage and determination in this soldier, fighting the good fight. In people like Bush, Cheney and Obama, I see wolves and cowardice, lust, an absence of human intelligence – with the human in retreat. It is the ‘quality’ of a human being that colours the world. Ideology and society are a consequence of that colour.

After 200,000 years on the road, what does it mean to be human? That is the real issue. The palette is the heart – the quality within. It takes human will and intelligence, desire and a strong heart, to make that quality come to life. Bravo Colonel! There are not many soldiers of that rank that you feel like saluting. John Pilger is another.

Kaivey said...

He's a republican and a colonial. That means he should be the opposite to me but I couldn't have agreed with him more. It just goes to show you have to be careful about stereotypes. It's good to know that there are still moderate republicans around.