Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bill Mitchell — Subsidiarity – a European Union smokescreen to justify failure

One of the various smokescreens that were erected by the European Commission and the bevy of economists that it either paid or were ideologically aligned to justify the design of the monetary union around the time of the Maastricht process was the concept of subsidiarity.
In 1993, the Centre for Economic Policy Research (a European-based research confederation) published its Annual Report – Making Sense of Subsidiarity: How Much Centralization for Europe? – which attempted to justify (ex post) the decisions imported from the 1989 Delors Report into the Maastricht Treaty that eschewed the creation of a federal fiscal capacity. It was one of many reports at the time by pro-Maastricht economists that influenced the political process and pushed the European nations on their inevitable journey to the edge of the ‘plank’ – teetering on the edge of destruction and being saved only because the European Central Bank has violated the spirit of the restrictions that a misapplication of the subsidiarity principle had created. It is interesting to reflect on these earlier reports. We find that the important issues they ignored remain the central issues today and predicate against the monetary union ever being a success....
Bill Mitchell – billy blog
Subsidiarity – a European Union smokescreen to justify failure
Bill Mitchell | Professor in Economics and Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE), at University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia


Ryan Harris said...

I know you said that you aren't following Russia on here anymore, Tom. But "This American Life" last weekend had a segment on Russia that wasn't great but for one part of the show, that I thought was amazing coming from mainstream American media.

"Disinformation and propaganda works differently in Putin’s Russia than it did during the Soviet Union. Instead of tamping down the opposition, the Russian government works to control the opposition. Producer Sean Cole introduces us to Putin’s right-hand man who is credited with inventing this new way of controlling information."
Worth listening to, if you haven't already:

Ryan Harris said...
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Tom Hickey said...

How much true how much fake, and how to tell?

.Surkov leaks: Thousands of hacked emails reportedly from high-ranking Kremlin official published
Russia brushes off hacking allegations as targeted Putin aide 'does not use email'

Jason Murdock

Ryan Harris said...
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Ryan Harris said...
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Tom Hickey said...

In Orthodox tradition, this type of absolution is typical of the bond between the believer and his spiritual guide. The value of this relationship, says Father Makarios, is the confidence it gives the faithful in tackling moral dilemmas. At least in the Greek branch of Orthodoxy, the dukhovnik tries to offer freedom from the moral paralysis that comes with excessive feelings of guilt. “All those who try to govern the flock do so with guilt, so they are easily governed,” says the monk. “That is what I try to help them overcome.”

But Surkov was an unusual case. Instead of asking for redemption he seemed intrigued by spirituality in general, Father Makarios says. “I felt good with this guy. He’s more than ten years close to the President, and he has bright eyes. This is very important, because [normally] you become a machine.” Asked whether they discussed any matters of state or Russian policy, the monk laughed and said he would not be qualified to give advice on issues like that.

Exclusive: Putin Aide Vladislav Surkov Defied E.U. Sanctions to Make Pilgrimage to Greece
Simon Shuster / Mt Athos, Greece

Heidegger would call this "being authentic." We could call it "being real" Or, "being oneself." This is confirmed by taking risks to do so.

Mot of what is written about Surkov in the West is like the treatment of Putin. Every detail is scrutinized and interpreted in the light of Western views irrespective of others's views, on one hand, and on the other, in terms of negative connotation. The Russian view is not to counter it point by point but to reject it for what it is without saying so specifically but rather simple denial, including facts that seem to be true. Two different operational styles.

But what I pick up from the reports reading between the line is that Putin and Surkov are authentic. Surkov is also quite creative and enjoys what he does, regarding himself as chiefly an artist.

Here is an interesting post on Heidegger's concept of authenticity in Sein und Zeit.

Authentic Existence in Heidegger’s “Being and Time
Posted on June 23rd, 2011 by Alan N. Shapiro

Anonymous said...

I call authentic existence 'living from the heart' (not the one that pumps blood).

"Let the heart be the judge ...." Let mind follow. The heart is the only thing we have that is truly beyond race, creed, etc. It simply says 'I want to be content'. That is its focus. It has always been true - to you; even though we spend most of our day ignoring it. This is the root of all ignorance. Ignoring you. A human being is a door.

Mind jumps in with all of the formulas - we shouldn't listen to any of them.

If the feeling for contentment arises from within, then the best place to look for it is within.

Find that place inside (feel) - then think and act! That's the best place to run an airport or a country from, if that is what you want.

Matt Franko said...

Tom, I see Putin as perhaps a transitional figure in this regard from a western church tradition (Peter) towards a possible ascension of the eastern church (Paul) ...

This transition has a big potential for carnage looks like....

Might be best in material terms for the west to put Russia on ice for 5 to 10 years and meanwhile focus on Asia to avoid violence with Russia... let the Soviet training age out of them...