Sunday, September 4, 2022

Michael Roberts — Energy, cost of living and recession

I won’t go further into the myriad of proposals coming from the UK government, the opposition Labour party and various think-tanks about how to relieve or avoid the catastrophe ahead for millions of households in Europe and particularly the UK. I won’t because there is one thing that they all have in common – there are no proposals to end the market for energy prices or to bring into common ownership the energy companies, retail, distribution and wholesale (the UK TUC proposes nationalization of retail only). To do so would require a revolutionary transformation of the structure of economies starting with energy..…
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Energy, cost of living and recession
Michael Roberts

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Matt Franko said...

“ the market for energy”

Yo, the climate nutters are outlawing previous methods of energy production…

NeilW said...

Energy markets work just fine, as all markets do - as long as there is excess uncoordinated supply.

It's when there isn't excess supply that price is set by the swing producer. Something Warren has been saying about oil for years.

Private firms sell what they have for the highest price they can get. It's only if you can go elsewhere *and they won't sell it to anybody else* that prices end up being controlled by market forces.

The solution from Marxists and so called Progressives is that very clever people should start directing things and deciding who is worthy and who isn't. Central planning in other words.

If we end up with an OPEC for gas forming, we're in trouble.