Sunday, August 13, 2023

China becomes world's No.1 maritime fleet owner due to 'strong manufacturing, resilient trade and financial support' — Global Times

China has overtaken Greece as the world's largest maritime fleet owner in terms of gross tonnage (GT), global shipping information provider Clarksons Research said on Saturday.

Greece held that position for a decade, but China's position as the world's manufacturing hub, its resilient cargo trade and strong financial support for the shipping sector propelled it to the head of the industry, analysts said.

The latest rankings from Clarksons Research showed that the Chinese-owned fleet stands at 249.2 million GT. Greece was second with 249 million GT and Japan third with 181 million GT.

Experts said that these rankings aligned with expectations, given China's continued status as a major production center and other positive factors.…

Global Times (Chinese state-sponsored media)
China becomes world's No.1 maritime fleet owner due to 'strong manufacturing, resilient trade and financial support'


Konrad said...

Worldwide power is increasingly shifting from those who finance to those who produce.

This is the way of the world. A nation becomes a great power by out-building, out-innovating, and out-producing everyone else. That’s how Rome became an empire. It’s how the British Empire rose, followed by the U.S. Empire.

Then the empire degenerates into financial games and debt tyranny. The ultra-rich become parasites that suck the life out of their host society until they kill their host, and the empire dies.

Then a new empire arises somewhere else, and the cycle repeats.

Today the U.S. Empire is near the end of its life cycle. The Chinese Empire is rising fast by out-producing everyone else, and it will soon become the world’s preeminent power.

Eventually the Chinese Empire will degenerate into financial games and it will die, whereon the cycle will repeat.

Peter Pan said...

Do you have difficulty telling the difference between building and owning?

South Korea is the largest shipbuilder, and India is the largest shipbreaker.

And what's with all those Panamanian flags?

South Korea is more impressive than China in economic terms, yet we never hear China boosters wax eloquent about Korea.

Matt Franko said...

USD zombies need the ships …

China military would parachute in grass cutters at $25 per yard if we would let them….

Konrad said...

"South Korea is more impressive than China in economic terms."

If that was true, you whould be whining about South Korea instead of China.

Try again.

Peter Pan said...

Who's not going to mention SK because they're an ally of the US?

Self-loathing westerners like Konrad.

Peter Pan said...

Here's a clueless Canadian peasant making hay about how they make hay:

Konrad said...

I am not a “self-loathing Westerner.” Unlike you, I am honest and forthright, since I have self-respect.

You clearly feel anxious and powerless, like a frightened little mouse. That’s why you continually try to deny reality, and try to distract with irrelevant chatter.

Try again.

Peter Pan said...

Here's some reality for you:

No country is perfect, yet tiny SK outclasses China in many metrics. SK culture also has an influence in the west.

Should we worry about SK becoming an empire and dominating the world?

Propaganda about China is posted by self-loathing Westerners (e.g. Godfree Roberts), triumphalists (Pepe Escobar), and ideologues (Caleb Maupin).

You're not from the global south (Pepe) or a Marxist (Caleb), so that leaves the first category. Does it take a genius to figure out that this comparison nonsense is intended for a western audience?

In reality, to whom does this appeal to?
Most people are too busy living their lives to be concerned about politics, or geopolitics, or what happens on the other side of the world. If the problems you face have to do with culture, then you pack up and move. Not to another state, but to another country. But few people ever do that. Even people in developing countries prefer to remain where they are.

Of the tens of millions who are refugees at any given moment, how many are Americans or Canadians? Even if the situation were so dire as to force North Americans to flee, that would be but a fraction of the population. Most people decide to remain and stick it out.

There are parts of the world that are dying, and in some of those cases, the west is responsible. But we don't suffer punishment for what was done in our name. That is what is at the heart of this self-loathing.

If you want denial of reality, pay attention to climate deniers, globalists and futurists.

Konrad said...

Your phrase “self-loathing” is a strange mantra. You seem obsessed with chanting it.

Is it “self-loathing” to admit that the USA is falling apart, especially in Democrat-controlled areas?

Is it “self-loathing” to admit that the USA is now geared more toward Wall Street financial games than toward manufacturing?

Is it “self-loathing” to admit that the USA destroys nations (Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc) for sheer bloodlust?

The “America” you cheer for is a fantasy that is crumbling. This makes you frustrated, and therefore hostile. You feel lonely and helpless. You envy people who have the courage and integrity to face reality. You chant the phrase “self-loathing" in a desperate bid to reduce your anxiety and make your life bearable.

This is worse than pathetic . . . it’s boring.

Peter Pan said...

It's self-loathing to bring China into the equation. China has nothing to do with America's problems.

Face it. There's little difference between you and someone who believes we need to go to war with China to 'save' America.

Escobar wants you to believe that global trade is a zero sum game. The rise of the global South must equal the decline of the decadent West.
Maupin wants you to believe that China's success is due to socialism.

Why do you believe what these pundits write? They have an agenda.
Pepe Escobar, Godfree Roberts, and Caleb Maupin don't do work that keeps society running. They make a living by spinning narratives. Yet they receive an inordinate amount of attention. Why is that?

If you're going to talk about how 'western civilization' is falling apart, at least spend some time examining who and what keeps it going. Examine what is important to ordinary people's lives, versus what dominates the news. There's a huge disconnect.

Konrad said...

"It's self-loathing to bring China into the equation.”

I mentioned China in the first place because I was responding to an article about China. And I followed up because I enjoy watching you scream, cry, and bang your head against the wall whenever China is mentioned.

“China has nothing to do with America's problems.”

Agreed. So why do you indulge in China-bashing whenever anyone mentions America’s problems?

Peter Pan said...

You responded to an article on ownership of shipping by fantasizing about China's manufacturing prowess, and imagining it has something to do with the rise and fall of empires. That article was merely a pretext for another of your rants.

Btw, the Roman empire was founded on conquest.

Tom should post something from Matt Stoller, who calls for an economic war against China.

Matt Franko said...

Stoller has been pretty non hypocritical…