Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Treasury Settlement


Much easier to understand by the monetarist morons figuratively as “they’re printin’ money!”…


Footsoldier said...

Jimmy Dore now attacking MMT.

After getting this complete and utter idiot on his show.


Now Jimmy is advertising gold in his show like a gold bug.

Footsoldier said...

This clown Martin Wolf was also asked on the show and also didn't have a clue what he was talking about.


You would think Jimmy would have invited Stephanie back on to set the record straight rather than these 2 hit pieces.

Jimmy doesn't even realise it was from the film finding the money produced by MMT'rs.

Peter Pan said...

Wasn't it Jimmy Dore who had Steve Grumbine on his show a few years ago?

Kim Iversen has done the same thing - from having an understanding of MMT to interviewing Bitcoin peddlers.

Matt Franko said...

“Now Jimmy is advertising gold in his show like a gold bug.


Footsoldier said...

Steve Grumbine has been on twice.

Jimmy, like George Galloway has become a useful idiot for the right since the vax.

People say left and right no longer applies. They haven't been watching GB news and other right wing networks carefully enough.

This narrative that we are either globalists or non globalists now is simply a shell. Underneath that the push is even further to the right as the battle for what future conservatism looks like takes place.

You just need to watch which causes they support and which they try to cancel. Who they give free speech to and who they try and deny it to. Nothing to do with globalists or non globalists. It is ALL about left or right.

I watched the new Storyville episode on BBC 4 last night - Praying for Armageddon.

Praying for Armageddon is a political thriller that explores the power and influence of American Evangelical Christians as they aim to fulfil the Armageddon prophecy.

The film observes American believers as they prepare for what they call The Holy War and exposes the powerful megachurch pastors who call for the 'final battle' that they believe will trigger the Second Coming of Christ. Completed just before the current crisis in Israel and Gaza, it also unveils how politicians driven by faith embrace the State of Israel as the key to their prophetic vision for the end of days.

Sent shivers down my spine. 100 million of these fruitcakes 30% of the American voting population. The active role they play in the American military. How via the military they not only increase that 100 million every year, but now every US conflict is now a holy war.

I don't know when it will air in America on PBS, but it is a must watch. Fucking terrifying.

Footsoldier said...

Praying for Armageddon

Trumps base - The so called Patriots. You should see the guy fawning over these psychopaths. He knows he can't get elected without them. No Republican can.


Footsoldier said...

At the end of the day most on here are over 50.

Fuck Jimmy Dore and the rest of them. They are all thick so just keep taking their money.

For years we have tried to help these fools and none of them deserve our help. Fuck em, just keep taking the Monetarists money.

Every MMT'r called it right.


ANG Traders


Alan Longbon


Robert Balan


Not only right but consistently right over long periods of time.

These fools like Jimmy Dore and Marin Wolf don't want to learn. None of the left do so fuck em. I've had enough of the lot of them, why even bother to dedicate so much of your own time on these idiots. They are beyond help.

All over the world the left deny the truth. They deserve the government's they get because they are as dumb as a bag of spanners. Their bones are riddled with GROUPTHINK.

Just take the monetarists money and enjoy what's left of our own lives. I'm done with these fools.

I don't qualify for the state pension yet. I can cash in 2 small private pensions next year at 55. Keep my main pension for when I am sixty. My 8 month little liquidity trading niche I have made for myself made me over 60k this time. I made over 20k spread betting the 10 year. Get my state pension later on. That's more than enough for me every 8 months to enjoy what time I have left.

I'm away on holiday 2 months this summer rather than one month. Enjoy what's left of my life moving forward. That's now what is important to me.

We have decided to move to the Scottish coast and get a sea view and downsize and move away from Glasgow. Once we've moved spend winters abroad in the sun choosing different places every winter and coming back to spend the rest of the year in Scotland.

With good health that is the plan. This is my priority. Why waste anymore of my time at my age on any of these nutters. They simply don't deserve any of our help anymore. We tried to help but they don't care and are not interested in the truth. GROUPTHINK rules.

While I'm travelling about enjoying what's left of my life. The left wing voter can wallow in the pits of denial and despair they've created for themselves as they are swamped by the raving right wing government's they deserve.

Fuck em ! Had enough of the lot of them they are beyond help. There's only so many years you can take listening to their pish. There's no room at my stage of life to listen to any of it any longer.

Peter Pan said...

Jimmy Dore was placed into the "dirt bag left" category years ago. The left placed him there.

The divide is between libertarians and authoritarians. Those who support free speech and those who want to suppress everything they disagree with.

Orwell realized that left vs right is a distraction. Theater.

These fools like Jimmy Dore and Marin Wolf don't want to learn.

You're right about that. In the case of Jimmy there is video of him being schooled by Steve Grumbine. So get Steve back on there, or have RP use those episodes of JD to do a call out.

F the authoritarian patriots. F libertarian "economics". Defend free speech.

Peter Pan said...

Damn, I remember the time when Youtube had a response video function. The response video would appear beneath the original video, ensuring that responses to big channels had visibility.

Matt Franko said...

“ Praying for Armageddon is a political thriller that explores the power and influence of American Evangelical Christians as they aim to fulfil the Armageddon prophecy.”

It already happened in 70 AD (to Judea) and never going to happen to the contemporary nation of Israel today …. What nation is going to attack Israel? Iran? They just did with unprecedented long range air assault and nothing happened…

Footsoldier said...

This is what the economics paradigm is all about.

"Law on foreign agents in Georgia could lead to EU sanctions - Estonian Foreign Minister

According to Margus Tsahkna, the law on foreign agents adopted by the Georgian parliament alienates the country from the European Union.

“European integration is a merit-based process. The reforms carried out bring benefits, such as visa exemptions or - to the highest degree - the opportunity to become a member of the EU. You will lose it ,”

- the Estonian Foreign Minister threatened.

The US also threatened sanctions the day before and stated that they would be forced to “fundamentally reconsider” relations with Georgia if the law on foreign agents comes into force."

So in short the Georgia government had to become more authoritarian to try and keep the West out and turning into the next Ukraine.

Look at the EU and American response. The world is getting sick to back teeth of them.

Footsoldier said...

Capture, control, asset strip, extract rent.

Colonialism and Empire never died.

The Americans, British and EU are over playing their hands. They don't even try and hide it anymore.

Footsoldier said...

Just look at what Donald Tusk has just done in Poland.

Jailed the political opposition taken over the state TV and media by force and will move Poland to use the Euro.

If Hitler or Mussolini or the communists had done it imagine the outcry.

It's okay though, this type of authoritarian fascism is fine and dandy if it can trap Poland within the EU.

See - these people know what it takes to change politics and control from within.

The EU plot to ensnare Switzerland and introduce a new type of so called democracy. In which these authoritarian parasites can thrive.


People think MMT can be won in a classroom.

Footsoldier said...

If all else fails


Just assassinate anybody who disagrees with the EU. send a warning to anybody else who is thinking about it.

See - They know what it takes.

Peter Pan said...

Slovakia PM Robert Fico in stable but serious condition after shooting, doctors say

Victor Orban of Hungary has undoubtedly gotten the message.
Tighten up your security.

Footsoldier said...

Russia's Core Inflation moves to 8.3% from 7.8% today.

The ideologues wrapped in GROUPTHINK have no idea why

Footsoldier said...

Financial Times

" While Fico is recovering from the assassination attempt, there is a debate in Slovakia whether, after recovery, he will begin to further consolidate power and tighten policies towards the opposition in the style of Orban, writes the Financial Times.

The first thing he might do is try to establish control over state media. Fico was shot while parliament was discussing a plan to reform the public broadcaster RTVS, which the authorities accused of bias (the opposition opposed this reform).

The ruling majority is also pushing for legislation that critics say will tighten foreign funding for non-governmental organizations.

Some European officials fear that Fico, after the assassination attempt, could become an even more “destructive force” in the external arena - within NATO.

“Fico is making smart calculations combined with vindictiveness towards those who overthrew him in 2018, including a long list of journalists, prosecutors and civil society activists,” - one of the Western diplomats told the publication. "

Becoming more Authoritarian.

What we are witnessing now is both the American rules based order becoming ever more authoritarian and those who don't want to be part of it becoming more Authoritarian. Nobody will ever get those freedoms back.

As for international law. That is becoming under severe pressure as free speech is.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu accused the International Criminal Court in The Hague of anti-Semitism for Prosecutor Khan's proposal to arrest Israeli leaders.

Netanyahu said he rejected Khan's statement "with disgust" and said it was an example of the "new anti-Semitism" that had moved from university campuses to The Hague.

The prime minister says the ICC will not prevent Israel from destroying Hamas and achieving “complete victory.”

US President Joe Biden believes that what is happening in Gaza is not genocide.

Biden speaks about the absence of genocide in Gaza, while according to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Health of Gaza, which is published daily, the number of dead civilians in Gaza since October 7th has reached 35,562 people and the number of injured people has reached 79,652.

Everybody with 2 eyes in their heads can actually see what is happening in Gaza as free speech gets rolled back and becomes under ever more attack.

As Biden and Netanyahu choose to stick with this framing and narrative and attack free speech openly as they minimise the meaning of both the holocaust and the word anti semitism. They are going to cause even more anti semitism not less.

Quite simply their hypocrisy and authoritarian stance they have taken are quite breath taking. How the once mighty America has fallen as they overplayed their hand built on nothing but hubris.

Footsoldier said...

What does the other side of the one party nation state decide to do ? The other fascist party.

U.S. House Speaker Michael Johnson promises sanctions against the International Criminal Court for its arrest warrant against Israeli leaders. This case promises to exacerbate the already very confusing situation of American attitudes toward what is now happening around Israel; Not to mention that the very idea of supranational universal justice is a creation of the American unipolar world, but what to do with it now is unclear.


Is all they know. From the native indians right up until today. Genocide has always been their playbook. All around the world slaughter and death has been American policy. Copy and pasted from the British psyche and empire.

The world is watching on every phone in their pockets. America is in big, big, big trouble their true raison d'etre is in full view for all to see. Their empty words now falling on deaf ears. As they shred their own constitution in the public square. As they introduce the new more authoritarian face of Conservatism.

How the once mighty America has fallen as they overplayed their hand built on nothing but hubris.

Footsoldier said...

The battle of ideas no longer exist. As authoritarian seeps freely into the American institutions.

The world of economics have known this for decades that the battle of ideas within economics is a loaded dice.

One can easily stand up and admit to being a Zionist and can fully support the slaughter of women and children in Gaza. It is written in the constitution as free speech.


As soon as students display their free speech first amendment right, their free speech is denied by those above. Not only denied but they are absolutely raging about it.

As free speech is replaced by a baton charging police force straight out of Berlin in 1933. The brand new face of the new American conservatism in full view on every phone on the planet.

Soon to be replicated in a place near you. As USA Inc gets rolled out across the oceans against those who defend and believe in free speech. Who use the battle of ideas to say using their first amendment right that the genocide taking place in Gaza is wrong.

Another loaded dice.

Will this cause more "true" anti semitism or less across the world we live in ?

Anybody with an IQ greater than 10 can see where this is truly heading. A no brainer - the worst kind of stupidity wrapped in hubris.

Peter Pan said...

Biden speaks about the absence of genocide in Gaza, while according to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Health of Gaza, which is published daily, the number of dead civilians in Gaza since October 7th has reached 35,562 people and the number of injured people has reached 79,652.

This doesn't meet the definition of genocide.
The firebombing of Tokyo in WW2 may have killed over 100,000 people.
In the course of 90 days, 800,000 were slaughtered in Rwanda.
As we speak, over 9 million have been displaced in Sudan's civil war.
Israel has committed war crimes, but the definition of genocide is being diluted for virtue signaling purposes.

Peter Pan said...

Congress is bought and paid for. This is called Free $peech.

Footsoldier said...

Genocide is defined as an act committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. These five acts were: killing members of the group, causing them serious bodily or mental harm, imposing living conditions intended to destroy the group, preventing births, and forcibly transferring children out of the group. Victims are targeted because of their real or perceived membership of a group, not randomly.


The United Nations Genocide Convention defined term because of what happened to the Jews in WW2.

Using numbers to decide if it is or isn't Peter is complete denial. Which reminds me of Joseph Stalin's well known quote, "One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic.

Footsoldier said...

Address the crucial point I'm making Peter.

Apart from the far right israelis who are now in charge of the country shutting down al jazeera to try and hide the Genocide.

Even this authoritarian action hasn't worked and the world can see exactly what is happening on their phones.

Will Biden's and Netanyahu's framing and narrative of the situation and congress actions. Make " true " anti Semitism grow around the world or decline ?

That's the point I'm making.

The virtue signalling is coming from Biden and Netanyahu and the mainstream media saying the huge protests in every city are caused by outsiders and anti Semites.

I've been on 2 of the protests in Edinburgh and London and nothing could be further from the truth. Jews are walking hand in hand with protesters calling for peace. Thousands of them.

My God daughter who is studying at Trinity in Dublin and just about to go to Colombia for her last 2 years of study explained in the Guardian this is also the case in Dublin. Jews are hand in hand calling for peace.

The only virtue signalling is coming from those in power as always. It is complete bullshit what they are saying as per usual.

The fact that Jews are walking hand in hand with the protesters is the only thing at the moment from stopping Israel from becoming farcical and completely isolated.

I'm completely 100% in agreement with Nathan Tankus on this read his Twitter feed. He Nails it for me and expressed better than I could how I feel about it.

And for the first time in a very long time agree with Michael Moore on this topic. Who normally thinks the sun shines out of the Democrats arse.

They understand the real danger that Biden and Netanyahu denial in this, could cause real trouble for the Jews in the future. The point I'm trying to make.

Go on a protest and see with your own eyes Peter if the virtue signalling coming from Biden and Netanyahu and the mainstream media that says the huge protests in every city are caused by outsiders and anti Semites. See for yourself if it is true or not. Walk around a student campus you'll see first hand where the hate is coming from and who the real trouble makers are. Those psycho end of days guys the American Evangelical Christians. Trumps base.

Everybody else is calling for a ceasefire and peace.

Peter Pan said...

There were 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza. Either get on with it (i.e. drive them into Egypt or starve them to death) or the status quo will return and there will soon be more people in Gaza than there were before October 7th.

I've been following the protest and lack thereof. Most people don't give a damn. Israel could commit a genocide with cameras rolling and the world will move on. This is who we are. Tribal.

Seeing Zionists destroy food aid while soldiers look on should make it clear what the intent is. But intent doesn't make for another Nuremberg. Such trials are always done after the fact.

And the international community is complicit. Plenty of virtue signaling yet no arrangements made with Egypt to take in refugees and actually save lives. They're playing a game, calling Israel's bluff, as they have for 75 years. Gazans are pawns who will never be given their own state. You only gain sovereignty when you win on the battlefield.

Peter Pan said...

The conquest and expulsion of Armenians from their enclave in Azerbaijan is a recent example of ethnic cleansing. As was the expulsion of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar a few years ago. Are we seeing any trials for those crimes?

Magpie said...

The last two to three years, that is, since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, "genocide" has been a popular word.

The thing is that popularity has not pushed people to try and learn what genocide is.

Genocide is a legal term. It has a precise legal definition. Genocide was defined in 1948, in the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of GENOCIDE.


This is how that document defines genocide:

Article II
In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Note that (a) does not establish a minimum threshold, such that only if the number of killings exceeds that threshold one can speak of genocide.

Peter Pan said...

Note that (a) does not establish a minimum threshold, such that only if the number of killings exceeds that threshold one can speak of genocide.

Proof that legal architects are idiots.
Manufacturers of pesticides would love this definition. They could make a product that kills 3% of the target and not be liable for calling it a pesticide.

Intent to genocide is prosecutable, even if Israel fails to exterminate the people of Gaza.

But no one will be held accountable. We all know that, including those patronage appointees occupying prestigious yet toothless international bodies.

I'm not a lawyer, but I would charge the international community with intent to do nothing. To hear nations with historically documented genocides wax poetic over the actions of another is hypocrisy at its finest. Too many glass houses at the UN to take what they say at face value.

So this is what was accomplished since Rwanda in 1994. The response to Roméo Dallaire's testimony was to create an absurd legal definition. I'll bet it serves as a real deterrent to our tribal instincts.

Peter Pan said...

30 years after Rwandan genocide, Roméo Dallaire feels 'rage' amid global crises

p.s. Roméo Dallaire is not a lawyer.

Matt Franko said...

I think the west should start to hold the general populations responsible for the actions/policies of their leadership…

We’ve been trying the opposite and it hasn’t worked…