12/22/2021 Fed policy shift. Erdogan and the Turkish lira. Bitcoin mining. Russian-NATO conflict. No free market?
11/24/2021 I'm back. 50m bbl oil release. Fed taper and income. The profit motive. Why rates will come down.
10/27/2021 My 14er summit. Taper is money printing. Inflation falling? Bond bears. Banks loan boom. Remember when Bezos was rich?
10/06/2021 Debt ceiling. More Fed cheaters. Facebook outage. Forbes rich list. Oil top? Stock market reality.
09/29/2021 The most dangerous man. FOMC member front running. Greece pays less? Let's default! Mint the coin!
09/22/2021 Fed freakout. Fiscal fizzle. All the damn spending. Debt ceiling seizures. Credit boom a comin'. Dollar zombies.
09/08/2021 UE benefit cuts. $600 bln per month. Defunct economists. El Erian gets it wrong. GDP and shrimp scampi. Make your own bread. Fiat systems don't blow up.
08/31/2021 Fiscal cliff coming? Fed official on market risk. Zombie reactions. UE benefit cuts took a bite. Skyrocketing home prices.
08/11/2021 Fires everywhere, blame the Fed! High prices homes, cars. Precious metals crash. Spend first collect later. Construction needs to rise. Open borders. Larry Summers. Fading the zombies.
08/05/2021 Idaho. Zombie behavior. MMT gives you an edge. Bragging about losses in the Hamptons.
07/21/2021 Political reality of gov't spending. Bond yields, rates to zero? US insolvency. Stoic mentality. Big boy investing.
07/14/2021 Inflation scare. Interest rate spike? Gold and Basel III. US debt default? Let's go!
07/07/2021 Fiscal slowdown. They're un-printing money! Thatcher's other people's money. MMT as a tool. Seek discomfort.
06/23/2021 Fedwatch insanity. Debt ceiling politics. The dollar as tax credit. Deficit dips. Fiscal fraud.
06/16/2021 Paul Tudor Jones. A fool and his money. America's priorities. Leverage ratio. Our "creditors."
06/09/2021 Basel 3 and gold. Fed again. Did Bitcoin just jump the shark?
06/02/2021 Fiscal spigot shut off in June? Oil rally ending? Fed's repo madness. Crazy debt talk.
05/26/2021 My Grand Canyon hike. Inflation over? Now it's fight the Fed. Fiscal risk ahead?
05/12/2021 Paid not to work. Stanley Drunken Miller: Find the inflows. Who pays all the taxes? Beware the debt ceiling.
05/05/2021 Inflation hysteria. Tunnel vision focus on Fed. Warren Buffett on low rates. The Monopoly game explains everything. Yellen thinks she's still at the Fed.
04/21/2021 US Russia relations. Trading pit stories. Gas shortage this summer? Zero tax states won't be for long.
04/14/2021 Claw back the money. Floor trading stories. Economists and the big lie. Fired from Standard and Poor's. My life flashed before my eyes.
04/07/2021 Grand Canyon hike. Price is meaningless. Most ridiculous critique of MMT ever. Economic boom coming if we can avoid WW3!
03/31/2021 It's our money. Self mastery. Reframing your experience. More regressive policy.
03/23/2021 $3T stimulus. It's a balance sheet. Powell gets some credit. Inflation vs growth.
03/16/2021 Ray Dalio whines why own bonds? Finance Capitalism is not capitalism. It's not a meritocracy. Bill O'Reilly. Biden's tax increases. HERE'S what causes inflation
03/09/2021 Reserve tsunami. We need that "debt." Fools running things. Buy value. Biden return to fiscal conservatism?.
03/03/2021 Hedge funds front running their way to unimpressive profits. MMT is in policy and has been for a long time. Bonds are the new GameStop.
Burying Michael Burry. Opinion economics. My Alan Greenspan story. Selling doom and gloom. Money is an accounting system.
Dwayne the rock Johnson for president. Reaganomics. bitcoin $50k. Reserves and banks. Negative rates coming for U.K. and the British pound.
Super Tom Brady. Biden stimulus coming. Bitcoin mania. Gold, Silver, undervalued? The weaponization of the dollar. Keystone Pipeline.
Elon grills Vlad on Robinhood actions. Is the stock market about to tumble? Raise the min wage now!
Gamestop. The little guy gets even with Wall St. Euthanize the short sellers. It might go up. It might go down. It might stay the same.
Biden stimulus. Yellen confirmation hearings. She said what? End of dollar as reserve currency. Chasing the fairy.
Capitol insurrection. Blackrock sucks. Give everyone a trillion. Leave it to the market.
Georgia election. Fiscal flows. Wall St strategies? Never stop fighting.
Not pocket change. Rand Paul, "We're out of money." I didn't get a bill. Tesla bubble?
Biden is official. We're doing MMT!. Go against emotion. Grand bargain. Gov't capture.
The vaccine is out. Stock market sentiment at historic levels. Another clueless hedge fund guy. More MMT attacks.
Blackrock to the White House. Biden's econ team. Applied MMT. Dialing for dollars.
Janet Yellen is the incoming Treasury Secretary. She's a well known debt phobe.
Dow 30k? Fiscal flows. Trump attack on Iran. Biden austerity? MMT dishonesty.
Election fraud? Wall Street gets it wrong again. Keynesian doesn't work? Covid vaccine. Mental game.Small time pikers.
My (pre) election thoughts. Inequality. Jim Rogers better hurry. Maya MacGuineas the debt nut job. William Vickrey. Otmar Issing's attack on MMT.
Mike Norman MMT podcast episode #21. Biden's neoliberal advisers are blind. Is Biden a fiscal hawk? Are home prices too high? Don't blame me.
There is no debt. Shark Tank. TSA. Larry, Rob and Rahm. Voting has begun.
Debunking national debt nonsense. Zerohedge attacks MMT and fails. Sun Tzu and mental game.
Pavlina Tcherneva and Mark Cuban discuss the job guarantee.
Presidential debate. Is the Fed a private corporation? Trump's tax returns.
Market correction. Is Neel Kashkari that dumb? Trump's advisers and their mythology. Nietzsche and trading.
Finally,a market correction. What the hell is an "artificial economy?" Is NYC ever coming back.?
No market correction untiil everyone is "all in." And it's getting to be a jungle out there.
Poker and trading. The mental game aspects for both are the same.
How to spot and profit from fools and their contradictions.
Payroll taxes and Social Security. How Biden, Bernie and the Dems are blowing it. Plus, Covid and media ignorance.
My podcast for August 5, 2020. Gold flies. Is Neel Kashkari really that dumb? And, Guuuunnnnddddlllaaaaaaccchhhhhh!
My podcast for July 28, 2020. Fiscal support ending. Falling dollar. Rising gold.
My podcast for July 21, 2020. I go after the dopey MMT critics.
My podcast for July 15. Are you mad, bro? My best rant yet.
My podcast for July 8, 2020. The financial sector is too big and should be shrunk.
Podcast #5. Ex Fed chief has it all wrong so how do you expect people to understand?

My podcast for July 24, 2015. Joe Firestone. Matt Franko.

My podcast for July 16, 2015. Markets, misguided ideology, MMT trumps

My podcast for July 8, 2015. It's been a while, so here you go.

Podcast for May 22: Jon Reznick and Hedgeclippers.

Podcast for April 13: My phone conversation with Paul Craig Roberts.

Podcast for April 9: My interview with Gary Carmell, author of The Philosophical Investor.

Podcast for March 23. My interview with Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt and Public Bank Solution.

Podcast for March 23. $720 TRILLION. Inflation. Paul Tudor Jones.

Podcast for March 17. Politics. Stock stall. Outlook.

My interview with Joe Firestone.

Here's my podcast for March 10. Stocks down hard. More debt ceiling. Great forex calls.

Here's my podcast for March 9. McConnell, debt ceiling, stocks, economy.

Here's my podcast for March 3. DHS funding. Euro. Police militarization. Fiscal.

Podcast 2/25/15: Some info on my upcoming, "Understanding the Daily Treasury Statement" course.

Here's my podcast for today, Jan 15, 2015.

I get into the SNB, Russia, crude and all the rest of a wild day.

Today's podcast.

Some topics: Market decline, bond yields, Bill Gross (again), euro, oil. Enjoy.

Here's my first podcast for 2015. Enjoy.

Stephanie Kelton,  Bernie Sanders, NYPD insubordination, Forex, disgraced Representative Michael Grimm and more.

My interview with Justin Santopietro. Great conversation. We cover politics, economics and the strength and failings of MMT. Justin is a contributor here and specializes in political commentary.
Dec 16. Interview with Justin Santopietro.

The theft of our freedom, liberty, wealth and futures by the elites has become brazen to the point where they are not even trying to hide, in the least bit, what they are stealing from us.
Podcast for Dec 15.

In this podcast I talk about the government's funding bill that rips off workers and gives new, free money to Wall Street banks to play with. And I talk about Russia and the crazy policies that Putin and the central bank are employing, which are only hurting the economy and further enabling Western sanctions.
Podcast for Dec 12.

Today I talk about a possible government shutdown. How any Continuing Resolution does not solve the debt ceiling issue and why that's the "doomsday" scenario. Also, why you can only get this info here on this blog. Not the mainstream media, not CNBC, not the WSJ, not Fox Business, NOWHERE but here, folks.
Thurs Dec 11

Conversation with our very own, Roger Erickson.
Dec 10 Podcast with Roger Erickson.

Low level Madoff aide gets jail time. Criminal Wall Street bankers, NOT. More Debt Doomsday stupidity. What happens when the robots make everything?
Tuesday, Dec 9.

Matt Franko is my buddy and a contributor to this blog. The guy is a smart, thoughtful, considerate, articulate and a really good dude. Listen to my interview with him.
My podcast for Monday, Dec 8. Interview with Matt Franko, contributor to this blog.


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