Monday, June 21, 2010

Japanese Prime Minister calls for massive new tax increase!

Another leader who believes that cutbacks produce prosperity. Japan was one of the few bright spots that I mentioned in my 2010 Outlook. It's not anymore.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan renewed his call on Monday for tax reform including a possible doubling of the sales tax to rein in Japan's huge debt, as ratings agency Fitch warned the country needed a credible fiscal reform plan.

And he's kowtowing to a rating agency!! Ugh!!!!


Mike Sandifer said...


Even at full-capacity, can a central bank simply buy its own governments' bonds and more or less simultaneously raise reserve requirements to counter inflation?

This question just occurred to me.

Mike Sandifer said...
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Mike Sandifer said...

I should mention the point of the above question, which is whether this could allow for deficit reduction sans negative consequences.

Oh, and by full-capacity, I'm referring to economic capacity, to be specific.

Mike Sandifer said...

And maybe every central bank would have to do this to avoid forex consequences.