Thursday, June 17, 2010

My interview with RT TV


Mike Sandifer said...

This is a great interview. I've never seen one in which real economics and the dangers we face due to fallacies was made more clearly or comprehensively.

You are one of a small number of economists in the media who understand that we need more stimulus, and that monetary stimulus is still effective at the zero bound.

Krugman is also making this case, but I don't recall him doing so in actual TV/video appearances.

How have so many economists in the media gotten so lost?

Mike Norman said...

Thanks, Mike. Krugman does TV (Meet the Press, etc), however, he is almost apologetic in his explanations. We need someone who is forecful, charismatic and can encapsulate these ideas into sound bites. More importantly, however, it would help if this person had his/her own show. Spot media appearances--here and there--are just not enough to turn back the tidal wave of misinformation and media propaganda. We need a Glenn Beck of economics. I can be that person, but unfortunately, all my pitches to various media outlets have fallen on deaf ears.

Matt Franko said...

If you continue to break thru on Russian TV, it may not be China but Russia that takes the lead if they take your analysis and turn it into policy!

great interview.

Philip said...

Have you considered starting your own radio show on

Mike Norman said...


I'll check it out, thanks!