Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Warren Mosler's $1 million challenge!

The JOBS candidate Warren Mosler announces his
Million Dollar Challenge to Senate CANDIDATES

Middletown, Conn. (June 2, 2010) – Warren Mosler, Independent candidate for US Senate, knows for a fact that, operationally, there is no such thing as the US government running out of dollars, being dependent on foreign borrowing, or potentially facing a solvency crisis like Greece, and he has pledged $1 million of his own money to any of his Senate opponents on the ballot who can prove him wrong.

“Those concerns are due to pure fear mongering from supposed experts. They have no factual basis, and they have become the true obstacles to the return of full employment and prosperity” said Mosler, who added “and there is absolutely no financial reason to cut Social Security or Medicare benefits.”

Many have also argued that the nation’s growing debt rules out further tax reductions, but Mosler says those assertions are blatantly untrue, proposing a full payroll tax (FICA) holiday for employees and employers that will add over $300/mo to the take home pay of someone earning $50,000 a year. This plan and similar initiatives will reintroduce the capital the economy needs to prosper and grow.

“We lost over 8 million private sector jobs primarily for one reason- sales collapsed,” said Mosler. “My full payroll tax (FICA) holiday for employees and employers boosts take home pay and helps lower prices to quickly restore those lost sales which brings back the lost jobs, fixing the economy the right way, the American way, from the bottom up.”

In the midst of our and social economic calamity, with the Republican and Democratic candidates offering no viable plans to restore full employment, Mosler, an expert in monetary operations, is uniquely qualified to quickly move America back to full employment and prosperity. He knows the American economy works best when people working for a living have enough take home pay to buy the goods and services they produce, with business competing for those consumer dollars.

Mosler congratulated candidates McMahon and Blumenthal on their convention victories, and looks forward to public debate on the urgent economic issues facing our nation and the world.

“We have seen Republicans and Democrats overseeing the devastatingly tragic loss of over 8 million jobs. And while lower income people working for a living struggle to survive, elites who contributed to our problems rake in billions from bailouts,” said Mosler. “It’s time the government focuses on getting its hand out of the pocket of the hard working Americans who make this country great.”

See for details of Mosler’s ‘Right on the Money’ proposals and his $1 Million Challenge.


googleheim said...

Biz Radio has some anti-immigrant guy named Phil Grande of Phil's Gange who purports that China is going to drop our treasuries, that we don't have money to fund so much liabilities, and more.

He also was hosting Peter Schiff as guest one time and we know where all that leads.

Maybe this anti-Italian can take the challenge ?

Mike Sandifer said...

Unfortunately, it's hard to imagine a guy making this much sense getting elected.

Matt Franko said...

Ive heard that guy and that idiot's show is proof positive that Mike's show should have been syndicated!

Also there is a guy Bob Brinker who has 'Moneytalk' that is further proof. He routinely talks about how the US is headed for insolvency.

bubbleRefuge said...

Mike, Warren is getting bullish on the Euro. Watch out for your USD/EURO short call. He is arguing that austerity and such equates to a tight supply of Euro's and when portfolios finish adjusting away from Euro that it may rally.

Mike Norman said...


Warren's been saying this since EUR/USD 1.27 or higher. The problem is that Europe is not the only area where spending cuts are happening. They're happening here. Y-O-Y spending is down -$561 bln.

MortgageAngel said...

html Warren's been saying this since EUR/USD 1.27 or higher.

MortgageAngel said...

lol multi-tasking bloopers

Anonymous said...
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googleheim said...

And forget about the Ron Paul libertarianism - it is Austrian Economics based - it is out of paradigm.

He likes Ayn Rand and would turn around and have cocktails with Greenspan and Pinochet if he could.

Also - Ron Paul would probably pass out so called "tax rebates" but not be smart enough to realize that they are stimulus spending in disguise.