Tuesday, November 20, 2012

War Between F500/Multinationals and the Cowboy Financiers Finally Starting?

Commentary by Roger Erickson:

Open season on Goldman Sachs, JPM & similar CITIpests coming next?

Slings & arrows season starts first, then muskets & black powder, then Open Season on all deer-in-the-headlight banks previously considered TBTshoot? An official culling, to reduce damage to economic drivers from the mounting roadkill? 

Many people who once rooted for bambi are now openly hoping he gets stomped by RoboFraudzilla.  "God's" work is now cleaning up the messes certain people left all over Main Street while supposedly doing HER work.  Once the curtain is pulled back from fauxEden, expect all of God's little workers to turn states evidence and rush to out-squeal one another.  (Just one word of investment advice faux you:  "earplugs".)

Once speed limits lift, you see who's been streaking Main Street naked after dark - and it ain't pretty.  Just saw a bumper sticker that said: "This Vehicle Swerves at all Financial Frauds".  The occupants said they were tracking targets using a mobile navigation app and infrafraud goggles to see hot cash flows.  They appeared to be fully loaded and locked (on targets). They also had a funky tune playing, called  "Up Against the Wall Control Fraud Mothers".

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