Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Check out the new video we shot.

Okay, this is not an economics video as you can see. This is my foray into more creative video production, marketing, branding, etc.

I am still going to be writing and teaching on economics and trading, but this is my new interest, too.

If anyone has a video project in mind, let me know.

Lauren B new music from Camera One on Vimeo.


Bob said...

Niice :)
Can't wait to see the sequel where he gets divorced.

Michael Norman said...


Malmo's Ghost said...

Music was superb. Music reminds me of score for a very old ABC Muhammad Ali montage video from some 30 years back that I recorded on Beta--hehe.

Seriously, Mike, that was very well done.

Greg said...


You look to have some talent in that area Mike

mmcosker said...

Start following Casey Neistat on YouTube for inspiration. Great daily Vlog. Make sure you search his Bike Lane video - hilarious.